[Report] Stars Guild ⭐ March-April report

Hey people of NEAR.
Was a long ride with wins and loses.
So, lets go what we have made by past month.
All activities are put in table:

We got budget bit over what we asked due NEAR coin price increase and drops, so we did a little bit extra.
Here are mine vids and projects that were stimulated with by video inluencers.

Hot Crypto News - DEIP review with almost 9.5k views

Blackheel Crypto - Billionaires Bulls Club review with 22k views

Crypto Chris with Metapool review 5k views from this positive dude:

Stephens youtubers:
Крипто Плечо with Rubic review of 12k views

Крипто Батя with Pixel Pets reveiw with 45k views

Steve’s Hidden Gem Team
Aurigami review 3k views

FusoTao review just 1.7 views

They made two vids, one as bonus cuz Youtube algos are dropping view amounts (not every subscriber sees them). Reviews are quality made but for 800 USD will think twice for working with them next time.

Luca. Love his work with youtubers.
Juli Cold made a review about Atocha Protocol with +18k views for puzzle game:

And another review for DEIP from Crypto Moonlight with 40k views

Martin. The one that we were unlucky with.
Got two vids created for DEIP and FusoTAO but both were not approved by project authors and were asked to remake videos, and at that time Martin disapeared from communication on Telegram. Not cool but… Crap happens from time to time.
Korea Crypto Planet: 후소타오 프로젝트 개요 - YouTube
Shirato Group: - YouTube

We are waiting for two another videos to get published
From Crypto News today Rubic review:

And another one same team will remake for Meta Pool heres the script: Meta Pool - Google Docs
With this video Meta Pool team wasn’t satiesfied, so Crypto News Today
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6a_MOXi3QA6_QD4GwwpeJg (their partners) will rerecord video.
Here is the script for Meta Pool review:
Meta Pool - Google Docs

Ill post both videos in comments when their live. Aprox 9k views are waiting for both published videos on Crypto News Today.

And another misunderstanding that we had with Lite Lidger.
Zardoz asked him for partnership to create a video review about Meta Pool, was quiet for two weeks so his 900 USD were paid to Crypto Moonlight (1000 USD) and when budget was spent he got back with Meta Pool review (just +500 views):

So dear Marketing council, we will ask for april funding to pay debt for his work and @JThompson123 management with him (900+200 USD) hope its fine, sorry for misunderstanding.

Yana did good work with Twitter:
Interacting posts, meme contest and cross-partnerships were made.
Lost a bit of followers, tho we didn’t made any coin or NFT drops just to get new followers.


Miracle for our partners created 4 sweet promo videos for their usage (we also did).
FusoTao - YouTube
DEIP - YouTube
MetaPool: - YouTube
Rubic: - YouTube

And think that’s it. Ill post both videos from Crypto News Today as soon as they get live.

After report approval want to ask 1100 USD for Lite Lidgers video and @JThompson123 bounty.

What else you might want us to share about past months (and a half) work?
Coments and recomendations from everybody are welcomed. :call_me_hand:


Here is another fresh one from Crypto News Today:

Thanks for sharing this report!


@Zhunda thanks for the report


And thats the last one from past cycle about MetaPool:

Hey @marketingdao-council what needs to be done to get our debts paid for Lite Lidger? :innocent:

Good evening, could you please create a new proposal for this amount? If the work was done, we should pay for it.


Thanks, will create one ))

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