[APPROVED] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ influencers fixed DAO for 4 Youtubers

Hey sweet NEAReans,
Went in contact with english speaking Youtubers that got aprox 1k views per video.
Love them - quality content, deep insights, trustable users.

So here is our proposal for Marketing DAO.

First will work with these folks:
Crypto Top Things To Know has 15.8K subscribers

Daniel will make a review and upload on his 2 channels to reach 1k views.
Crypto Now (813 subs) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAHRREzaEfuMdDGRkML-1ew
Crypto Brains (3.91K subs) https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoBrains13

Rich will interview one of NEAR founders/co-founders
Crypto Rich (22.9K subs) Crypto Rich - YouTube
Had a long call with him. His performance and quality of content is the best. Also looks for long term relationship, after interview plan to create a NEAR Protocol review.

@holuongduc will work with Hidden Gem Team (43.1K subs)

They will preform 4 videos and 2 articles about NEAR protocol.

For NEAR reviews will go deep into these topics:
General view of NEAR protocol: near.org
We got a lot of NEAR guilds based on plenty niches https://nearguilds.com/
Chances to get easy funding for devs, creatives, NFTs and artists: https://www.sputnik.fund
And a peek on NEAR coin charts, they do it really well.

Crypto Top Things To Know asked for 400 USD (aprox 4 USD per NEAR = 100 NEAR)
Daniel asked for 400 USD (aprox 4 USD per NEAR = 100 NEAR).
Rich asked for 750 USD (aprox 190 NEAR)
Hidden Gem Team asked 300 NEAR for 4 vids and 2 articles
In total asking for collaboration: 690 NEAR.

@David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit @norah.near @grace
Give your comments.
Since it’s too late to announce promotion of hackathon can you give advices for upcoming events or topics that should be likley mentioned by these youtubers?
To make also a reason to measure clicks by bit.ly (or other) to see impact in video description.

If you got any suggestions about content, topics of coworking with these influencers, or want to join NEAR Stars guild - share your ideas in comments and follow us on our Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild


Thank you for syncing with me on this @Zhunda ! This amount looks reasonable to me. My only ask would be if you could include “how” we will be measuring the results from their videos/content to help with your report after. :slight_smile:

Flagging my fellow council members @David_NEAR @cryptocredit and @norah.near @grace who’s highly involved in the hackathon. Please let us know your thoughts as we hope to use this kick off more partnerships with influencers in different languages. :raised_hands:


Hmmmm, to catch KPI at least see when user hits 1k views.
Anyhow can put links ex: near.org/MetaBuildHackathonYTuser to mesure how many clicks having, or lead to signup page for an event and ask where you heard about us.
It would be cool to mesure who of viewsers joined community channel, brought some NEAR or subscribed for social media accounts (harder one as to mesure increase or reputation in general). For BIG youtubers it might be seen as a slight increase in NEAR price.
I wouldn’t relate that these youtubers will give the most impact. I see it more as “lets get familiar” then estimate weak spots, reevaluete steps what can be done better (some KPI mesurements should be added) and with upcoming ones see how we can get max of such partnerships.

Thanks for thoughts @jcatnear this question should be asked everytime.

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @norah.near @grace
Let me know if you can provide certain links to signup. And if it’s not to late, lets try to add “how you found us” part to signup form adding both youtubers.


I don’t believe that there is any way (which we currently use) to track traffic through certain links. It’d be neat though.

What we could do is create a unique Discord link and share it with the Youtubers to add in their description. We can track how many invitees joined the Discord through their link.

The most important part, from my POV, is how success will be measured alongside targets.

To be honest, with larger Youtubers I’d be less concerned (but still very concerned) with tracking success.

Due to the relatively low ask, I think it’s pretty reasonable.

It should be a nice opportunity and free privilege for the newbie (watch at views) YouTube bloggers talking about Great Near protocol. No any reasons to pay them .

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Good morning! When a new council’s election? I wanna be a Marketing DAO independent council too.

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Yeah, like it’s harder to mesure KPI.
At least set of simple links can be built and “where you found us”.
Could go facy and give users “coupon codes”… Meeeh, unneded extra tasks for us and for usability.
Discord idea sounds good. In description when all our contact info list is given, this could give an insights. Could use bit.ly links to other socail media account but link: www.facebook.com/NEARProtocol looks more trustble then bit.ly/ldoisajdaNEAR :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Still ture, now on small ones we train to become masters, after when working with HUGE ones we should get the most of them, they cost a lot and that’s why impact here MUST be messured.

Hey Dacha,
NEAR might be the coolest, still none of youtubers will spend their time doing it for free, cought it clear due these moths when building communication with them, and no one will do it with afterpayments (some did agree on 50/50).
Unnknown users with 100 subs might be creating videos about NEAR protocol, let them. Here focus is on established ones. They know their price, those are not beauty bloggers that can do a product review for a bag of shampoo.
Top youtubers ask 30k USD (two room appartment in my hood) but they know that their audiance is the most “money having” one.

Screens you posted are about general news updates NOT on Protocol review videos, those are most popular on all channels, maybe keyword “BTC price predicion” has more views. All the channels that i ask to get funds for are tripple checked not to have fake views (comments and subs).

No one gives guarantee that 1000 views will be reached in one week before hackathon, so therefore it’s mine (NEAR Stars Guild agents) job to ask users to post video submission links on all of their socail media accounts for max impact.

Heya, this is the whole reason for this thread. Appreciate you drawing further attention to it.

Is this proposal for one video from each channel?

This is no accusation but I guess my three main concerns are around:

  • Average view count - many of the videos (on both channels) seem to yield quite a low view count
  • Subscriber spikes - Those in the crypto industry will likely know there’s somewhat of a cottage industry arising in which ‘Content Creators’ create a channel, add fake subscribers, then reach out to projects for a video (of which it costs a few $ to have a few thousand views added to it). This appears to have happened for both creators you’ve proposed. You can check this on SocialBlade
  • Quality

Would be happy to hear how much value you think this can bring to the NEAR ecosystem.

Other people’s opinions would be aces, too

Aha, video per channel.

  • Did count the average one per Protocol Review. Depends also on clickable textline and pic. But this can be discussed with youtuber.
  • Thans for the tool David! Used other ones, rechecked views and subs, not suspicous of these two. Think month ago Google got an update for youtube, they removed fake bot views and subs from youtubers (saw this in action). In crypto when harvesting the list, have seen channels with 10k subs with 10 views per vid :smiley:
  • Quality! The main thing we aim for. Better to have quality vid about NEAR with 1k views tham slappy made on with 10k, reputation here is the key.

Value. Sorry for copy/pasting it fom Stars Guild mission, still i see that these are reacchable and mesarable ones:
A) By giving a good visibility for investors looking for reliable and potential source where to hold their funds. Even if each sponsored video brings 10 investors it pays out all advertising expenses.

B) Making shoutout to NAER community in whole. Most worthy are new members welcomed on board who want to share their thoughts, interact by doin’ some creatives or catching up talented developers, content creators, managers and leaders who are looking for crypto communities to invest their time and strength.

C) Public reputation and brand awareness for NEAR. The more people talk about certain project online (and offline), greater attention and trust score will be created also by other public personas. Good chance to make chain reaction that will convert in interest from other bloggers and news makers. Let’s stay on hype cuz it will also give an increase on worth of NEAR coin.

Updates on NEAR topics, events, news and projects to reach good attention also can be added here.

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Are they up for sharing their Watch Time, Average Percentage Viewed and Average View Duration from the YouTube Analytics dashboard?

I think transparency of that nature would work to reinforce the value which is being claimed.

Hi this is new youtubers I propose to you. This is famous crypto- edu channel in Vietnam. You can check all the previous videos to see the quality. Could you add it to DAO.

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Wow, thats an essential info that we can ask from them! Thanks for idea.
Yeah, clear data without any interpretations.

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Sweet! Another Star. )))
@holuongduc let us know if they need any funding to start or any info that we can give them for content creation.

Should we make video about NEAR or mintbase?

For these two youtubers we concentrate on these topics:

General view of NEAR protocol: near.org
We got a lot of NEAR guilds based on plenty niches https://nearguilds.com/
Chances to get easy funding for devs, creatives, NFTs and artists: https://www.sputnik.fund
And a peek on NEAR coin charts, you do it really well.
And a shoutout to hackathon, in few weeks we are having it with 1M USD in prizes: MetaBUIDL: Build the Metaverse at NEAR Hackathon with $1M in Prizes - NEAR Protocol

But am thinking to skip hackathon, since time is ticking and maybe give notice to other events or next october upcoming one.

Mintbase was mentioned as sample @holuongduc if you could then same hackathon mention would be cool.

From my side Crypto Top Things To Know wrote that he needs one day for video creation, just waits for prepayment to come.
For Decentralised Chain still waiting for reply about production time.

Hidden gem team with 38,7k subs need 300 NEAR for making videos about NEAR weekly, besides, we have the website https://hiddengemteam.com/ to update about NEAR.
How do you think?

They do have 3-5k views per video. Thats cool!
You mean they can make weekly videos and would ask for it 300 NEAR per month (per 4 vids)? :thinking:

Yep. About 3-4 videos. Depend on how many information we have in the month. Besides, 2 articles as a bonus.