[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild July 4 projects pack with 18 videos

Decentralised Island of NEAR i would like to share with you Stars Guild plan for July. We will go with 12 huge youtubers with competitions for subscribers and 3 small ones where each of them will create 2 reviews.

For June we are still in working process, as always time takeovers from project sides and recreation of givaways was made, since coments on youtube don’t work as we planned. So hope that by next week all vids will be created and poste live. This month we want to give promo to 4 fresh projects that are built on NEAR. Here is the list with projects and Youtubers that will fit them perfectly:

The Auction

Thats a global NFT marketplace where true value of digital assets is discovered through auctions providing tools to mint, trade, and discover valuable NFTs. For them picked up more NFT targeted youtubers. Some NFT drops for Big youtubers to create givaways will be cool to add.

All About Crypto

On average has 8k views and origins in India, good for The Auction, since hes good on NFT marketplace reviews…

Youtubers subscriber amount is hidden due privacy, still views are legit. First video launched on December of 2020, in total has 81 videos with average view count of 8k views asking for review 350 USD.

Will be advertised by Hot Crypto News

Their past review for DEIP got almost 10k views. They ask for 650 USD

In total youtuber has 31k subscribers, Joined Youtube at 17 Jul 2020, in total has 441 videos with average view count of 7k views.

Crypto Dasha

8k views on average past 50 videos, she did plenty crypto gaming project reviews and is attractive.

In total youtuber has 32.7K subscribers, first video posted Oct 7th, 2020, in total has 447 videos with average view count of 5.5k views asking just 200 USD.

Reality Chain
Metaverse experience with the power of Web 3.0 and NFT marketplace.

They got their own token, so a fancy drop to make a givaway for bigger youtubers. And will be advertised by:

Crypto Plecho

Past Rubic review got 12k views but as i see on his channel game reviews preform way far better, so hope that from 400 USD we can squeeze out +20k views.

In total youtuber has 52K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 106 videos with average view count of 9k views

Crypto Gems

Jacob has 31K subscribers, first video posted one year ago, in total has 298 videos with average view count of 8k views and asking 350 USD for full review video.

Crypto Gorilla

*In total Crypto Gorilla has 39K subscribers, first video posted 1 year ago, in total has 137 videos with average view count of 5k views for review asks 300 USD.

On Chain Gaming

In total youtuber has 130K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 275 videos with average view count of 25k views, but due changes in YT algo past videos got around 5k views on average. Jake asks for 600 USD per review after discount.

Small youtubers extra promo


Fine young and charming dude really into crypto gaming niche.

In total youtuber has 1.88K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 223 videos with average view count of 500 views.

Agreed on creating a review for Reality chain for 100 USD

Unique Art
Multiple types of NFTs sold here, love it cuz of they try to put every imaginable digital arts to their marketplace.

Advertised by.

Crypto Chris

https://www.youtube.com/user/DontWorryPlayWithMe/ asking 800 USD and his past MetaPool review got 7.5k views. Maybe he costs the most from our list, tho the most detailed reviews he makes as PRO.
In total youtuber has 33.3K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 215 videos with average view count of 7.5k views.

Crypto News

Past MetaPool review they made got 17k views and costed just 450 USD. Team is great, always try to get most from project and i really enjoy working with them in long term.

In total youtuber has 10K subscribers, first video posted half year ago, in total has 16 videos with average view count of 10k views.

Smaler youtuber for boost


In total Pablo has 5.3K subscribers, first video posted 3 years ago, in total has 435 videos with average view count of 1.5k views asking just 200 USD.


In total youtuber has 3.26K subscribers, first video posted 11 months ago, in total has 124 video with average view count of 1500 views.

Wants to promote Uniqart. Made a discount since hes loyal to NEAR and agreed on 150 USD.

Games Pack
Gamespack is a gaming platform that unites GameFi and DeFi components for playing crypto games and trading gaming NFTs. Play to earn project that’s waiting for a launch, tho already want to warm up their audiance, so after launch get back with a bigger boost whyle community is gathering.

Will be reviewed by.

Roman Pushka:

First time working with him, tho, clear and organic with average 30k views and price of 650 USD

In total youtuber has 113K subscribers, Joined Youtube at Jul 26th, 2017, in total has 1410 videos with average view count from past 100 viedos of 30k views.

Crypto Gamers

In total youtuber has 27K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 168 videos with average view count of 11k views but looking at past videos think may get about 4-5k views asking just 200 USD.


In total youtuber has 84K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 161 videos with average view count of 18k views, but due last YT algo changes last videos get arount 5k views. Maybe bit pricy asking 650 USD, but really good montage and content. One of winners in Aurora video contest.


Fan of crypto gaming.

In total youtuber has 1.88K subscribers, first video posted year ago, in total has 223 videos with average view count of 500 views.

Agreed on creating a review for Games Pack for 100 USD


In total Pablo has 5.3K subscribers, first video posted 3 years ago, in total has 435 videos with average view count of 1.5k views asking just 200 USD.

Special assistance asked from Play on NEAR games community for MIR NFT to pormote
Poker Space - Blockchain platform where anyone can play poker


In total youtuber has 3.26K subscribers, first video posted 11 months ago, in total has 124 video with average view count of 1500 views, since hes loyal to NEAR and agreed on 150 USD. As channel name tells hes keen on NFT reviews

So in total for Youtubers are asked 6500 USD

For Agent bounties per 12 BIG youtuber videos (reduced till 100 USD per video) those are 1200 USD

I’ll take care of 6 small youtube sample video review managing for 300 USD (50 per video).

Administration costs for guild management.

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers, projects and agents together, crossworking with NEAR guilds. - 1000 USD for taking 30 hours per week and seeing youtubers at night dreams during sleep.

@Pug Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed and tracks down NEAR product admins. As designer each month creates NFTs for cool givaways. Asking 500 USD for assistance

Still valuing admin talents cheaper in total 1500 USD

Also we want Miracle to create 4 intro videos for each project 100 USD per video, here was a previous sample. 400 USD in total.

Total budgeting:

Youtubers - 6500 USD

Agent Managing Bounties for 18 videos - 1500 USD

Miracles promo videos - 400 USD

Guild administration costs - 1500 USD


Target wallet : starsguild.near

Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

Maybe bits that i want to share, cuz each month we learn new things.

  • To make givaways where youtubers subscribers post right answers in comments with their wallets for a drop, doesn’t work. Admin has to approve them first but even after approval they simply disapear. So after reevaluation stayed with scheme where they fill gforms or use discord with # for competition created.
  • Drops make the difference. Mentioning it on thumbnail image of video gives extra attention, makes video more exciting and off course views increase. Like how some youtubers on vids even say - “I managed to negotiate a bounty from BlueBit for my subscribers…”
  • Not always so successful when aksing YT promoters to mention and show on video to join TG groups like Play on NEAR channels or a simple one to subscribe to projects social media channels. But that still builds character for Agents to be more straight forward with them.

@marketingdao-council if you got any recommendations, views that youtubers or NEAR projects should be changed or any other remarks, please let us know. Maybe i kept proposal tbit too laconic, so if any explanations needed, can describe certain points longer.


Thank you for your support toward projects on NEAR to reach global community!
I think it’s a good initiative, support the proposal!
And imo, I suggest to have an excel file to optimize each youtuber based on their monthly performance, and sourcing the new ones.

Plz give some support to @ConciergeTeam


Great work done by Stars Guild and happy to see them in action, is there any open form by which any NEAR Ecosystem project can ask for promotion from Stars Guild?


Thanks for feedback HaiVu, and will update youtubers list on:

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Sure, use same form to submit your project :sunny: :


Good evening! Could you please share the video? Thanks


Near stars Keep giving light to projects built on near protocol

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Here it is


Sunny day yall.
Can this topic be assigned to @marketingdao-council for a review? :innocent:
Thank you.

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Ok, thank you! Happy to support! And thanks for sharing opportunities with Near Community.


Hey, @Zhunda, your proposal, and its aim sound great. However, I would argue that some of the presented influencers are potentially dangerous for the NEAR reputation, as I suspect they are cheating with views and comments.

I am from Ukraine, so it’s easy to understand what My Happy Crypto is doing. On average, her episodes get around 20k views and what is strange: is there are always around 20-30 comments.

I want to emphasize attention to those comments: they are really weird and far from organic activity, where you can meet hate & support. Almost under episode praise attention.

Here is a screenshot of the range of comments under the original episode in April.

  • I learn something new every time from your video. One project is better than the other, keep up the good work. Great platform to make money!
  • I liked the review, we will work here. Thank you very much for the video.
  • The review of the project is presented so competently and professionally that I wanted to take part. I think that the project has every right to the future.
  • A very necessary and timely video … Finally I watched it. Thank you, I’ll take note, maybe for execution.
  • The project is really great. It is worth taking a closer look, dig deeper and get to work.

… and so on.

I do not want to discredit the author of the proposal or even that influencer; I want to share my concern about it and warn the community about reputation and money risks that could potentially happen.


Hey Ivan, thanks for your remarks.
Dasha is also from Ukraine. Peace in your homes.
Yeah, a small suspicious to comments also had, still they get likes and upvotes. Her services are cheaper then rest youtubers ask for such big channels, tho reviews are also average and her audiance seems more like “newbies” to crypto.
Next week will publish past months report. She made videos about Naksh NFT marketplace and Atocha puzzle game, both projects already got some positive feedbacks.
Each month we change 20% of youtubers, if you feel that she won’t give needed reputation for NEAR. No biggie, as community considers, for next month we will swap her with another youtuber.

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Great to hear from you.

I would not recommend looking at the prices and amount of subscribers when you are choosing influencers. If there is a choice between a small organic or big channel, but with cheated followers, I think it’s obvious that organic is always better.

If you need help defining good quality influencers & media, feel free to dm me.


Subscribers don’t mean anything we concentrate on views.
Always going with organic ones.
Thanks Ivan, will write you. ))

Hi @Zhunda – thanks for posting the projects planned for the next round. Quick question based on your report from last time where there was a YouTuber who disappeared after being sent funding. Have the negotiations with these YouTubers already taken place or is that part of what happens next? Just trying to understand the process.

Also, following the comments from @boy.ivan, it reminded me to ask @Klint what was that tool you used to analyze YouTube followings? I remember you showing it to us, can’t remember if it was native to YouTube or a 3rd party tool you use at your agency. Might be a good tool for @Zhunda to have in the future.


Hey Lorraine, had a long thought on this and remembered.
Was mentioned in this post:

This was the video from Korea Crypto Planet:

Fuso Tao Team wasn’t happy with it and when asked to remake it Martin (was an Agent of our guild) disapeared and second one was from Shirato Group

(now i see that they are permanently removed from youtube).
Youtuber was managed by same Martin, same thing, review was asked to be remade and at same time Martin wanished with no replies in Telegram. :disappointed:

Social Blade is the tool. It’s for free and always is used to filter out youtubers.

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Thanks for your proposals and all the work that your team is doing.

Honestly, going through Stars Guild proposals is challenging. A lot of things listed where we have to either take your word for it or spend hours tracking down each one of these YouTubers. To echo some of my previous statements:

  • The experience from the Meta pool videos was not great. Someone reading off the website (zero communication with the team, website was updated shortly after so video lost all it’s value) and for a Liquid Staking solution the main use case of stNEAR on Defi was never mentioned.
  • Curious to see the Fusotao experience
  • I do listen and take seriously comments from community members that point out questionable behaviour from some of these Yuutubers
  • I am worried of a vicious loop where YouTubers may be faking numbers to charge more (or at all), where Stars Guild is incentivised to get as many YouTubers as possible due to agent fees, and where there may be an expectation that as it is community funding (‘free money’) then everyone gets paid and no one asks questions.

Market conditions have changed dramatically;

  1. Would be curious to know what role do these shillers for pay play on current market conditions? Seems like most lost their legitimacy and engagement overall for that content is down
  2. How could we create a strategy where we encourage organic content - engage members from within our community that have actual in depth knowledge about projects;
  3. Following on previous point; how can we amplify our organic community members content so they can grow their audience. Ecosystem is highly supportive and quality content gets views/subscribers

At a time when developers are getting their grants delayed or outright cancelled, we have to ask ourselves whether paying some of these YouTubers is the most appropriate move.

Just to be clear, I am to interested in picking pennies and reducing your management or agent fees. Just want to ensure that the YouTubers are throughly vetted and that we start thinking of growing our organic ecosystem so funding can be sustainable.

Looking forward to heard your thoughts before I make a decision.


Hey @satojandro thanks for your feedback, will go step by step with this.
About MetaPool, here are the videos that were made:
By Crypto Chris:

By Lite Lidger

By Crypto News

@claudioac Can you give a feedback on these?

For Fusotao only Hidden Gem Team video was live, since Kore Crypto Planet and Shirato Group video that was managed by Martin didn’t went live.

@HaiVu can you drop a comment about their video.

Same thing, for community it’s done, so for me also easier to understand what changes should be made.

On market as i saw 95% youtubers do use bots and fake comments, to sort them out we use Social Blade ( https://socialblade.com ) traks suspicious info and from the begining we see to who partnership with or not. Just makes me sad when they increase views with bots. Plenty of agencies contacted us that partnership with youtubers, when taking a look what they offer, all of their youtubers have raised views with proxies. Once even got depressed and thought that whole crypto influencers market is fake.

With those that we worked still live and create content if talking about youtubers. Maybe with Martins youtubers wasn’t the best practice.
For shilling purposes we had in plan to use twitter ones (see our promo pack: Stars Guild Promo Pack - Google Sheets ) idea was to ask project authors to create contets using Gleam.io a givaway for certain tasks (subscriptions and likes), that’s a cool option for fresh projects to grow their audiance, even tho that less then 5% might become fans or clients.
If by youtube shillers you ment same video creators that use bots - try to make a search for certain project review, even big G brings to the top most viewed ones (including bot view gained), so for some those might be personal referal links, for others as mentioned they contact agencies and share a fee from a cut if they bring them clients. As i believe, such thing will remain on market, specaily for those crypto projects that get impressed by views and huge subscriber amounts.

As an idea before we had an ambassadors program, tho it didn’t seem to find much response (about 15 filled forms we had) when posted on few crypto forums outside NEAR. With two youtubers we even started partnership.

Plan was to post it on dropsearn.com by begining of this year, had chat with them, they said that for now having too much ambassador programs, so we thought that a small donation for sponsored ads could move conversation faster and wrote that idea when asked bigger budget writing down guild plans with milestones. At same time guild grants programme got on hold and now reduced, tho, someone had to manage whole programme.
After saw that DEIP launched their own ambassador programme DEIP Global Ambassador Program - DropsEarn
Had good comunication remained with Svyat after we helped them with few videos and asked how it goes with programme. He gave me Julias contacts (managed whole process), so they had about 500 filled forms with videos, some forms were 10 times filled by same user, some videos were totaly same, even same comenters and made just to get the bounty. Overal quality of videos was poor, made by amatures, ofcourse good videos also came, but the reviews were launched on YT and are live, good ones and bad ones. I just caught her up, asked for general review how programe went.
From my side if quality is needed, then it’s still about working with influencers who already got skills and audiance to share.

Always ask to spread a word that Dapp is built on NEAR.
The best thing we implemented by past month was to ask youtubers to show in their videos call to action to join communities, like russian speaking ones send to Play to Earn Games on NEAR, so for national guilds we always tried to put links to their communities under video. Tho, can ask them to share screens of TG groups or Discord with a call to join. Not only social links to Dapp.
To squeeze the most of youtubers that they can give.

Ok, will reduce agent fees and, few more videos and change some youtubers as @boy.ivan recomended.

Hey @marketingdao-council and @MktngDAO_Advisors
For this proposal have reduced cost of video managment agents bounty for Big youtubers (givaway contests creation additionally) from 200 USD to 100 USD per video.
For small youtubers remaining same 50 USD and still undervalued cuz with some youtubers had to remake video 4 times untill perfection.
Additionally as Ivan recomended removed My Happy Crypto and Crypto Sagittarius, filling mising spots with Crypton, On Chain Gaming and Crypto Gamers.

And by @satojandro recomendation to get the most of each youtuber we will ask them on each video to make a “call to action” to join NEAR communities, by showing screens to Telegram or Discord channels. Good samples we had with NEAR Protocol games Russian community, the catch was to encourage to join other play to earn games that are built on NEAR. With non gaming and english channels a good catch might be to join social media servers to build on NEAR, participate in contests and join niche communities, this one depending on Youtubers audiance.
Still as in past asking to put links in description to NEAR social media channels and #NEAR realated hashtags for brand awareness in general.
As for all 4 projects that will be advertised to get most engagement contests with big youtubers will be created and optimyzed after mistakes with past ones (rules were made too hard to participate).

Ahh yes, and for intrigue, we have in line 9 NEAR projects and DApps for upcoming months willing to get a PR taste from youtubers, so we got pretty big fan base for now. ))

Community, any additional ideas how to get maximum from these youtubers?

Hey @satojandro want to share contest results form BlueBit.fi from past cycle.
They made a givaway of 15000 BBT and created a Gform with question and BBT wallet to be left.
Contest rules were described and mentioned in Hot Crypto News and Crytpo News channels.
Results are the top!

Even if hundred dudes submitted 100 times, a good sample how to work with contests.

When Sandbox OWS was proactive with Sofia we had in mind to make a registration contest to onboard people to join Sandbox team and give them 5-10 USD in NEAR. This was in old times of NEAR. What you think, maybe something similar with bringing new community members can be done as a catch? Then what guild or offer?