Staking Query - Mynearwallet

Hi … i have been scammed through the discord channel for this wallet and wanted to let you know of the site they use to extract seeeds …

they asked me to enter seeds from my depositing near wallet and the mynearwallet seed … they then drained my hot wallets …
I have units stajking in mynearwallet that werent taken and I created a new account to move avilable tokens over from the compromised wallet … however the staked ones are not moved from the compromised wallet l… is there a way that I can move the staked items to the new account from the old account?

Hi Rambles. That’s very unfortunate.

To move staked tokens you need to unstake them first. The debonding period takes between 52-60 hours.

A better solution however might be to rotate your keys, essentially changing your seed phrase, to lock any other unauthorized people out of your account. The sooner you do this the better, as the attacker could do the same to lock you out.

Feel free to drop by on our Telegram chat. Will be more than happy to guide you through the process :+1:


Do this @Rambles !
Follow @fiatisabubble , he is the best person to help you.
Good luck and change ASAP your seed phrase.

Hi fiat ! thanks ! would like your help please asap ! how do i change the seed ?
i will join the tg … my name there is ramble stiltskin… find me please !

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