[Bug?] Cannot Import/Recover Correct Account on Mobile Wallet using Seed Phrase


I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I misunderstand anything - I created my wallet on MyNearWallet, funded some near coins, reserved a custom account name (which creates a new account for me, instead of assigning the account name to original account). And then I generated the seed phrase (12 words) for the named account [NAME].near

And then I downloaded multiple mobile wallet on iOS (HERE wallet, Sender Wallet, Near Wallet and etc), imported the account using the seed phrase. The imports/recoveries all succeeded, however, a different account was imported in all these mobile wallet.

I can tell it’s a different account between my previous two accounts (the one created directly and the one with custom account name) have some funds in there, but the imported account has $0 balance.

Can anyone point any problem in these processes? Thanks!

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Update: now I can use the seed phrase (the one generated for the account name .near) to import the account into “Nightly” mobile wallet. However, it imported two accounts for me, one with literal key, the other is the [NAME].near which I generated the key from MyNearWallet.

Where does this extra account come from? I think this was the one that got imported when I originally made this post.

If I use the same seed phrase to import at MyNearWallet, it only imports the custom named account [NAME].near for me, there’s no extra one.

Hi @tolinwei, this is a known issue that the mynearwallet team is now trying to troubleshoot. It seems like an indexer error afaik. We will check with the team to see if there is any updates but you can also reach the mynearwallet team directly to get assistance: MyNearWallet

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Thank you! Glad to hear that this is a known issue.

Can you please be more specific about what the issue is? Is it that when MyNearWallet generates the seed phrase for a custom named account, it shouldn’t generate one that links to two account (one is the custom named and the other with the literal key)?

It’s even more strange the the two accounts imported into Nightly (using the seed phrase generated from MyNearWallet) has the same private key and see phrase, but they contain different NEAR balance and NFTs.

Most likely it’s an indexer issue. I’m not working directly with the devs from Mynearwallet but I’m informed that they are working on it. Can you elaborate more on

Do you mean those Near token and NFTs are not yours or the 2 accounts hold different assets?
Thank you.

Do you mean those Near token and NFTs are not yours or the 2 accounts hold different assets?

Hold different assets - the imported named account holds the correct asserts, but not the account with literal key string. However, I use Nightly wallet to check the seed phrase and private key for these two imported accounts, it’s the same for both of them.

Today, I tried to delete the generated seeds phrase and re-regenerated a new one, and then imported it into other wallets (including the NEAR/MyNearWallet on different browser). This time, only a literal key string account was imported, it contains different asserts than the custom named account…

This is really buggy and makes me feel concerning.

Noticed that you also opened a ticket in Near.chat. Let’s keep our conversation there so we can exchange more details. Thank you.

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