Spirityut Studios (Proposal) April, May & June 23



The aim of spirityut Studios Launching would be to create a conducive spot for the encouragement of creative skills and provision of studio equipments and gadgets to potential creative members and current Dao Creatives all over Nigeria for production of their creative, musical and photographic contents. Photography is a lucrative activity and is also needed in entertainment establishments for promotional purposes, we plan to encourage the craft of photography by providing these services also to the community at large for use in their projects. We’re looking to create value for the community to subscribe to.

On the Launch day, new members/potential members would be educated about the Dao and onboarded. This space exist to host talk shows, interviews and talk sessions centered around Near Protocol, Web3, Blockchain and execute exclusive entertainment #nfts activities for display and public engagement purposes.

In line with the self sustainability ideas needed for Daos, we are selling out NFT cards that have the utilities of ensuring a music or photography creative access to studio equipments and enough time to be productive and creative. This nfts would be minted on Spirityut Mintbase platform.

Expected Outcome:

I) Onboarding of Music creatives and Photographers into the Near Ecosystem,

II) Content creation HUB (growth in Socials) from socials posting,

III) Finalcial growth for the Dao,

IV) Onboarding more fans through onboarded creatives as we promote their works and also content creation posts.

V) Major Growth Plan for developments of talents.

Vi) All recorded music in the studio to be minted and promoted in the Near Blockchain Via Spirityut Mintbase store.

VII) Posting of Created Contents on each creatives Page to share updates to their fans, (the aim is to spread the word of the Near Nft Creative Studio with Near, Creatives Dao and Spirityut Logos in Content View.

VIII) Near Onboarding Center.

Activities & Timeline:

*Spirityut Dao Cypher
(Freestyle Showcase)
Timeline: Once in 2 Months
Venue: (Beatdao Mansion),

*Spatial Music & NFT showcase
First and Last Sundays in a month,
Venue:Spirityut Spatial Home

*Creator Focus Live Studio Interview:
First and Last Tuesdays in a month
(Featuring Near/web3 Creatives)
Venue: Instagram Live. (To be Recorded).

The studio would be opened from Sunday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm, WAT.

Studio Producer


Seasoned Producer, producing for approximately ten years,
Favorite digital audio workstation : FL Studio
Skills: Mixing and Mastering,
Thinking on feet,
Optimum Creativity,
Producing all Genre’s of Music.

Spotify Link

I have participated in SpirityutDAO Beatdao event, “Let it out Freestyle” and emerged winner, and have some minted Nfts in the Near Blockchain platforms, one of which is Tamago.


Estimated piece of Photo Studio Equipment.

VENDOR: Jumia Online Shopping Mall.

Lighting for environs:
(2)LED Lights

(4)Plane- {black, navy blue, sky blue, wine, pink}

(3)graded- {patched carton brown, patched red, patched dark green}

Tripod Stand:

For Canon (With LCD display)

60 X 90cm, 35 Inches

Polarizing & ND filters:
(6 pieces, 62mm filter)

Zoom lens:
(Zooming Lens)


(3)Flash Softbox

Photography equipments = $626

Estimated price for Musical Studio

Focusrite 2 input:
(audio interface)

nt1000 rode microphone:
(Standard Quality Output)

Regular MIDI Keyboard:

Isolation shield:


yamaha hs5:
(Standard Speaker Sound)


Music Studio Amount = $1, 014

Total for all valuable brand new equipments

Studio Location Rent: $1,820
Duration: 1 YEAR.

Total Amount for Spirityut Near Dao Creative Space Project = $3460

Dao address: spirityutdao.sputnik-dao.near

The aim of Spirityut NEAR nft studios is to provide Top Notch Quality studio equipments and attractive features to Near, Web2 and Web3 craetives for their projects, promotional contents creation and related upon subscription.




Good morning! How the expenses on equipment related to Near Ecosystem goals?


Hey, @TheTune100!
The format you’ve used is not recommended. Can you please update your proposal based on the attachment below and provide additional information about your objectives, goals, budget, and processes?


Noted. However for this project, the aims and goals would be provided and how this affects the Near Ecosystem.

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Thanks for your proposal,

You’ve provided a hypothesis on how this initiative may support the NEAR ecosystem.

Would you be able to provide any more information that would go towards validating that hypothesis?

In its current form, it is clear that you are a musician and are asking for a entire year’s worth of funding to rent a studio and buy brand new equipment.

What is the nature of your previous and current involvement with NEAR?

  • have you attended any events?
  • collaborated with other people working on NEAR ecosystem in your region?
  • how do you plan to get people that are interested in web3 into the studio?
  • do you or anyone in your team has enough subject matter expertise to accurately represent NEAR in a way that attracts more builders?


Thank you for sharing your proposal. It means a lot that you want to build on NEAR.

Your proposal will be funded if it adds value to the NEAR ecosystem based on the metrics and current guidelines voted on by the community to have alignment with NF,

The results will be shared by 15th March.

You may answer other questions asked by community members, however you are not obliged to.

If creatives mods have any questions regarding your proposal, they will reach out to you here or on telegram.

If you have any doubts, please share them in the community calls on Monday 4pm UTC


Thank you @Cryptonaut proper details would be available before the 7th.


Hello @satojandro , i have never seen anyone as dedicated and as enthusiastic about building in the near ecosystem, this brother put i and my whole family on to the benefits of near ecosystem and how to build, he has hosted different events, both physical and in web 3, has on boarded so many people and created one of the biggest communities in africa , where i have met so many beautiful creatives. I am justified when i say i do not know any builder as efficient and as hardworking as @TheTune100
He is a shining light & and has great vision for the near ecosystem, it took me a while to see the light, but i have seen it. He has successfully proved his ingenuity and his love and contributions to web3. I hope you can see the light too, cheers and have a great day. @Paul @Dacha


@satojandro @Cryptonaut This is so true! I myself was onboarded into the near ecosystem sometime March 2022 by @TheTune100
He’s a very charismatic and selfless guy. He’s been very helpful with steady encouragements & enlightenments about the endless benefits of the near ecosystem to music creatives and content creators like myself and my brother @Caleb95 (to mention a few)
I have participated/attended some of the physical & online web3 events he organized too. I can’t over emphasize on he’s efficiency in the near ecosystem.

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