Spiritual DAO project Crossroad April 2022

Spiritual DAO project Crossroad April 2022

Crossroads It’s a Spiritual DAO project that reunite our community in a virtual event.

Those events will occur in CriptoVoxel in our parcel.

The intent of those events is reunite the Spiritual DAO community, have discussions around the monthly theme and to share their perspectives

The Crossroad is an open event, everyone is welcome to come and share.

We will have a welcome moment when our guests will be received, after this we will show our podcast Karma and the Innerviews with Sahil Massey.
There will be a dj who will come and play in the space where we all can enjoy the music and have a look at the artwork. At this moment you can enjoy the arts submitted at our bounty. At the end of the event we will announce the three winners of Show your Soul

The April Crossroad’s dates are:

26 and 28 of April and 2 and 4 of May

Stay tuned in our telegram Spiritual DAO Community to follow all the news

Be a part of the journey!


All I know tomorrow gonna be hugeeeee

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I’m expecting something hugeee :grin:

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[REPORT] Crossroad Spiritual DAO events - April 2022

Due problems with NEAR drop we couldn’t make all 4 events. We did 2 of them.

project participants

We hire a DJ and expend 100 USD (50 USD each event)(on paying process)

Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

We use a parcel from VanDAO for 100 USD (this money is from rent project) (on paying process)

What we have accomplished in April

We did 2 events to present the correspondent podcast, innerviews and winners of the bounty.

Each event last 1,5 hour.

Was vary interesting the excitement of people to have the Karma podcast and Innerviews first run and the winners reveal at the events, making the community very happy.


We noticed that our divulgation need to be intensified.

Next Steps

We are considering make less events to make them more special.

See you all in the next one <3