[PROPOSAL] Crossroads - a Spiritual DAO weekly event - april 2022

Spiritual DAO project Crossroads

(an weekly event)

You can see the project idea here

You can see the lest report here

This include:

  • Selection of a theme

  • A rent in a parcel for the month

  • Decoration of the parcel within the selected theme

  • Propagation of the event in social media, plus calling members of the community

  • Realization of the event with a schedule (welcoming; show the weekly podcast; dj and networking; announce of the prize)

  • Announcement of the winners prize of the week (see full march proposal to understand the prize)

We loved the events of Spiritual DAO, it was a success so we intend to do it again. For that we need the following resources

  • Hire a DJ for 1 hour in each event (50$/hour) - 200$/month

Subtotal: 200 $

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