[PROPOSAL] Interviewing Spiritual teachers around the world and creating artistic video NFTs of insightful excerpts


I’m an ex radio talk show host from India, a voice over artist and a yoga teacher. Meditation and spirituality has been a very core part of my existence and so is interviewing people and getting to know their stories.

I’ve been a part of spiritual DAO and after a lot of discussion with my council members @thephilosopher and @beetlejuice, I would like to suggest something I think might be a cross section of artistic and spiritual value creation.

Please let me know your thoughts :pray:

Proposal -

Title - Innerviews with Sahil

Proponent: sahilmassey.near

NEAR account for payment: sahilmassey.near

Project Timeline: One Per week - Sunday 7pm IST


  1. To create a resource base of insightful spiritual and artistic video podcasts interviews of various teachers around the world, which makes the near community members aware of multidisciplinary ways of perceiving spirituality and be inspired by it.

  2. To extract insightful, meaningful and impactful short video clips from the interview (30 secs - 1 min) and turn it into artistic nfts which will be displayed in the 3xr gallery.

Description -

This podcast will discuss

  • Various old and new age practices and what they are in essence. For eg - Vipassana, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, breathwork etc

  • Interview teachers/practitioners in those fields and ask simple relevant questions which makes the viewer know more about the practice in depth.

  • call for these pr

  • Open an artwork bounty related to these practices and invite interviewees as judges to the metaverse event to select an artwork that will receive bounty prize.

  • Ask Spiritual DAO community members what sort of practices and lineages they want to know about, so I can interview teachers that the community wants to know about and ask them questions community wants to know.

  • I will share the teachers that will be interviewed once the proposal is finalised and ask via spiritual DAO telegram group as to what questions does the community have to ask these teachers.

There are various spiritual practices each country has. The goal is to interview people from different countries and make a video series that explains what every practice in detail, so people can also refer to it if they want to know more about any practice out there and to provide Near community with quality information.

Justification (benefits) -

  1. Will generate video based nfts based on spiritual practices from all around the world which can resonate with a lot of followers of those practices and anyone who is interested in spirituality.

  2. It will get people from outside in near ecosystem as teachers will share posts on their social media

  3. Will help Near community to connect with right resources in case they need to learn any practice.

  4. This will increase the knowledge base of the Near community about various practices


April 1th – 8th – Innerviewing an Indian tantra practitioner who found her path through Kashmir Shaivisim

April 15th – 21th - Innerviewing a vipassana Teacher

April 21th - Innerviewing a breathwork teacher from South Korea

April 25th - Innerviewing ashtanga Yoga Teacher from Mysore India

Budget (March): 500 USD will be required to be paid as follows:

125 usd for Sahil for Scouting interviewees, communication, Interviewing.

Final products - 4 video interviews on Spiritual DAO youtube channel, 4 nfts minted on Spiritual dao store on Mintbase, and a 3xr gallery with the interviews.

@spiritual-dao @creativesdao-council


this is a real spiritual dao proposal :muscle:
with the proper value for spiritual dao and for community

if these interviewed people could give a practice as well, that can be minted - would be amazing! in the future i guess :slight_smile:

i’m sure spiritual dao has to include more tools for people get the experience of spiritual way of life :orange_heart:


Hi @creativesdao-council & @marketingdao-council

It’s been a few days since I put this proposal. Could you guys please help with what do you think and what direction should be taken?


Hey @Cryptonaut , the creatives dao do not fund individual projects, I would recommend directing the project towards a dao to be included in their overall monthly budget proposal to the creatives. Thanks

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