[PROPOSAL] Show your Soul - a Spiritual DAO weekly bounty - april 2022

Spiritual DAO project Show your soul

(4 bounties/prize for art - visual, music, write, digital)

You can see the project idea here

You can see the lest report here

This include:

  • opening an weekly bounty

  • Share it in Spiritual DAO, Creative DAO and NEAR

We want to engage the members of NEAR ecosystem to share their art and ideas. More than that, we want to bring other people to NEAR ecosystem. For this we think that set a bounty with a prize its the best. Because the members will try to participate, than we will know their arts; also, in “contest” people try to make their best, so the NEAR ecosystem will be filled with grate art; and, at last, outsiders will know about ir (from our social medias) and enter the NEAR ecosystem to participate in the bounty.

To this we will separate 3 categories:

  • most liked (the art with more like will take the prize)

  • first participant (random choice at first attempt in Show your Soul will take the prize)

  • Innerviewer choice (the people that participate at the Innerview project will choose an art an give the prize)

Will open a bounty 4 times, people will submit their jobs in the post and, at the Crossroad week event we will announce the winners of all 3 categories.

For this we will need the follow resource:

  • most liked 66$/bounty - 264$/month

  • first participant 66$/bounty - 264$/month

  • Innerviewer choice 66$/bounty - 264$/month

Subtotal: 792$


[REPORT] Show your Soul Spiritual DAO weekly bounty – April 2022

Due problems with NEAR drop we couldn’t make all 4 bounties. We did 3 of them.

project status completed

What we have accomplished in April

All the bounties ware extremity good.

We have 3 winners in each one as you can see in the links bellow

Winners of Show Your Soul April bounty 1




Winners of Show Your Soul April bounty 2




Winners of Show Your Soul April bounty 3



One on hold for be choose

For each one was paid the amount of 66USD in a total of 594 USD

All of the prizes was announced at Spiritual DAO Crossroad Events engaging the community to go to those events and meet other community members. Those bounties exited and move our members.


We have a lot of incredible arts, and all of them was minted


We still had problems with bots. Considering to change Most Liked category.

Next Steps

We are considering make less bounties to make them more special, and give more time for people participate

See you all in the next one <3