Some of the hard questions on NEAR

Hey everyone! I have gathered some of questions which I am 100% sure some of you have wondered as well so I would love some input/discussion on

Why did DecentralBank (USN) got only a quiet bailout and not a call-out as well? Why their members, team and who actually consisted there was never public but they had not a small role in the ecosystem ?

Why did the team that left the wallet in this current in (in the middle of nothing) state wasn’t called out and was hardly even been talked about ? How it will be proceeded?

Why Metabuild 3 was handled so poorly, what went wrong and how did we managed to piss off so many developers at the same time? (reminder the hackaton on nearcon also had issues)

What’s the plan with education? There hasn’t been a 1 line info on any plans/undertaking since last restucturing of the team (September)

Why the rumors of yet another restructuing around Pagoda and NF are just that rumors and nothing is communicated openly?

Speaking on open communication even when restructuring is not in the rumors why it always seemed the organization and communication between NF and Pagoda was never clear/easy and is never known which teams/who supports(will support) what.

Why it is so hard to get information on protocol or in general points of contact/entry from protocol team. Large portion of questions which are outside of scope of knowledge of the community or Dev Rel are left unanswered.

Why the current change of focus (they were a few the past ~year) is and “near discovery” (which we have almost no info about but is being pushed) What is it? Who builds it? Speaking of unknowns we also seen mentioned nearcrowd… my personal favourite. Who uses nearcowd ? Who builds it ?

Are going to measure the success with the TPS generated? While previous effort (blockchain wise) was to give people ability to control their money (defi). How to let them manage their data (with socialdb) it does make some sense but if that’s the case why not be more open about it.

Why is criticism is generally avoided instead of debated more actively ?

Mentioning the last article… I’m truly wondering why and how it was SailsGP chosen for collaboration and what are the benefits of it? No seriously !?!
An elitist sport that even selected few are able to actually watch be it even on TV? I don’t know much but It’s a questionable choice for advertisement/ROI

In a recent post from Near (i think it was on linkedin) it was saying “it’s okay not to be okay” Which i agree with we all understand times are hard for everyone but the faster and better we communicate with it the better. Near was praised for its community, onboarding, efforts on education. But I have come to feel as the community is actually being more distant to Near which is sad to see

EDIT: If the decentralization is what blockchain allows us why does it feel that Near actually gets more centralized with a lot of decisions made behind closed doors we don’t know who the decision makers actually are and uncertainty that stretches all across the networks ecosystem.
Apart of that, mostly silience


Finally the brave person who will address the elephant in the room.

No announcement was made of the last restructuring. Instead I hear people find out members of Pagoda or Foundation has gone from emails bouncing back. There must be at least a dozen gone from last restructuring.

Education and engineering team at Foundation apparently gone completely.

Who is left? What is the Foundation doing?

Why pay for psychological support when they are the ones causing the fire in their own community?

Censorship takes place on the forum everytime someone says something that does not agree with the party line.

I don’t know who’s in the right and who is not, the only thing that I can tell as a newcomer to Near is that since I arrived I keep seeing the same rationale complaints and ZERO official answer from the foundation, which is absolutely insane IMHO to let the community without answers, especially during this dire times for crypto, and what happened with the Metabuild. There is clearly a marketing budget pumping news on Reddit and there is no budget for PR?

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No response on USN questions either