[SOLVED] Empowering the Hispanic diaspora with Web3

We are a group of hispanic immigrants living and working in the European Union but we have been working as well on the betterment of our communities and now the love for entrepreneurship and technology made us reach each other to achieve a dream.

Our dream, our vision is to create a Web3 business ecosystem for the Hispanic diaspora in the European Union. We are mostly Mexicans but not only, and like all Hispanics we keep strong ties with our home towns in LATAM so we hope that working and networking in synergy we can not only help the diaspora but also our communities and neighbours, helping them to become smart cities. We already have Academic Research support thanks to the work of Dr. Edgar Valdes, one of our founding members.

We are certain that this decade will be transformative and is our belief that Web3 is one of the first steps for a Society5.0, a human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space.

Why this is important for NEAR?

We know that blockchain businesses needs of an ecosystem to flourish, and we want the Hispanic diaspora become a driving force in creating such ecosystem. This project is aligned with the objectives of NEAR regarding opportunities for growth for guilds and, contributors, create NEAR awareness through a permanent educational campaign and moreover our project has the potential for real social impact in several locations.

Our strategic road map covers the following categories:

  1. Educational & Training
  • Creation of educational materials about Web3 entrepreneurship as an interactive comic ebook.
  • An awareness-networking and evangelization campaign in Northern Europe to open NEAR wallets which can be replicated in other locations as well.
  1. Business Incubator & Accelerator
  • Our first strategic alliance is with a Latvian NGO for an education product about Web3. This product will help us to reach new customers such as gov agencies, local gov, educative institutions and private customers.
  • Our network allow us to reach new territories and foster Web3 projects that can become a fully developed business.
  1. Business Development
    *Participate in Regional contests and support startups looking for Web3 education.
  • Create an ecosystem of people and businesses that can help and nurture each.
  1. Gamification
  • Use of a VR platform to conduct training and mentoring sessions in Spanish and English for a wider reach.
  • In the near future create a P2E video game to train multiple customers simultaneously. Our estimation is that the project could potentially help to develop around 3000 new Web3 business and products by 2030.

This is a 3 year project that will continue working until 2030, but to be able to start it we request your help with the following:

Logo Design: $100 USD
Web Design: $500 USD
Web Hosting 1 year: $220 USD
Domain 2 years: $50 USD
Metaverse office 1 year: $700 USD (including VR features for Web3 trainings)

Salary 1 person full time for the first 6 months: $2500 USD per month
Mentors: TBD

Networking and content creation for 3 months: $ 300 USD per month.
Interactive comic ebook ENG&SP: $6000 USD

In order to establish and/or strengthen the network we look to create in Europe we have a one time request for the following:
Funding for 2 person assist to the Blockchain expo in Amsterdam: $ 4000 USD Blockchain Expo Europe 2022 | Technology Conference | Amsterdam
Funding for 2 person assist to Techstars in Stockholm: $ 3000 USD
Stockholm Techstars Accelerator

Please notice this is the approximately cost of this proposal but although desirable we dont expect it to be cover entirely by the NEAR Foundation. We appreciate your support and any remanent funding will be obtain through the EU funding Horizon 2030. We are validating this value proposition in the incubator MTG in Latvia and Transferencia de conocimiento program in Guanajuato Mex.

Please also notice that regardless your response to this proposal we look for a strategic alliance with NEAR Hispano and the NEAR Lead in Mexico to collaborate with educational and awareness campaigns for the Hispanic population in Canada, the US, Spain and the Americas.

FYI we plan to form a DAO in Q4 2022. We are currently developing the DAO proposal as we understand the importance of a solid guild architecture, as well as its incentive mechanisms and tokenomics. Our goal is that after the year 2030 the eldest members of the DAO can retire and receive a pension or health insurance for their oldest age.

Thanks for your attention, we are open to answer any question you may have.

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After the invaluable support of @waldmatias I rewrote the proposal in order to communicate better what is what we want to achieve and how. I hope the proposal is clearer now but we’re open to any feedback that may help us to improve it.

I most comment that the original idea is about education for adults but after participating in a contest for the city of Kosice in Slovakia the interest for this as a kid’s program is gaining traction.

@David_NEAR @Dacha I don’t know developer side of forum :neutral_face:
I know Cezars from NCE we meet in Near University.

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Hey guys,

This certainly seems like it’d be most appropriate for a grant since there’s not a funding vertical which can fund to this extent atm:

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Thanks @David_NEAR is much appreciated the support and sorry to respond just now. We’ve contacted NEAR Hispano with this and started working with them. I’m posting soon a new proposal based on how the project is evolving with Near Hispano and the NCE


Thanks @REK much appreciated. Final pitches are almost here :upside_down_face:

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There is little time left for the final pitch. I still haven’t finished my project :slight_smile:

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Feel you, working little bit on the weekend :smile:

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