[Update] NEAR Hispano is now Nativo Crypto Hub

It has been a while since we have updated on what has been happening with NEAR Hispano.

First of all we would like to express our gratitude to everyone at the NEAR Foundation for supporting and believing in our project that got started on May 2021.

Gracias @shreyas @amgando @shashi who helped us create this community to deliver educational bootcamps for Spanish speaking audiences.

Some important deliverables:

  • 3600+ hours of content in Youtube.
  • 5000+ participants in our bootcamps.
  • 1000 certified developers all through out the Latin American region.
  • 40+ grants to individuals and group of builder(s) on NEAR.

This was a full on team effort and I would like to thank the support from:
Alan, Christian, Juan, Manuel, Luz, America, Cristina, Jose, Fritz, Leandro, Rosa Maria, Alejandro, and Andrés.

You made it possible for us to deliver on our promises and launch the first DAO on NEAR for our region.

With the new directions that NEAR is heading into becoming the Blockchain Operating System and for all education efforts to be directed into Learn NEAR Club, which we will be supporting to our best effort.

NEAR Hispano is transitioning into Nativo Crypto Hub, so we can best support the growth initiatives for NEAR in the region through a multi-chain strategy approach and start onboarding developers from other blockchains.

So we can follow our vision:

Training the new generation of founders, creators and developers in the Spanish speaking regions of the globe to build on top of the NEAR Protocol.

Generate content in our language to help onboard more members to the NEARverse.

We will focus on educational programs in multiple blockchains and teach them how to engage the Blockchain Operating System that NEAR Protocol is building. Since that is where we started and know the ecosystem well, our goal is to create those bridges other L1 and L2 that are also interested in the Latin America region.

As NEAR evolves, so should all the communities around it. We are really excited for all the potential that the BOS will unlock.

Next step
Keep supporting @blaze and NEAR Digital Collective working groups in initiatives that aligned around activities where the Latin American region can help in making NEAR Protocol the Blockchain Operating System.



Good initiative from consolidating the entire experience of Near Hispano

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This was an excellent experience, thanks to the entire team and especially to @amgando @shashi @shreyas @claudioac @Cristian @luzmargaritas :fire:

Let’s keep building team!:raised_hands:t3::smiley:

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Very grateful to the entire team.
Ready for the new challenge. :rocket:

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Go ahead with this new initiative, it is incredible to be able to continue working hand in hand with this great team that we form and continue contributing to the NEAR technological ecosystem!

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