She is Near DAO scholarship program

Scholarship Announcement!!

She Is Near DAO proudly presents the SheFi Cohort 10 Scholarship Program, in partnership with SheFi, offering an exclusive opportunity for women interested in building a career in Blockchain. Join us for a 13-week cohort focused on crypto and AI education.

What Does It Entail?

  1. 13-week MBA-style in-depth education and practical tasks
  2. Networking with industry leaders in Web 2 and Web 3
  3. Access to a community of women that provides all-around support and funding for women-led projects and initiatives
  4. Access to the She Fi mentorship program
  5. Tailored educational content for Web 3
  6. Integral community participation with valuable event tickets

But that’s not all! Our commitment doesn’t end after the training. We aim to retain and continue supporting you on your journey post-course.

Fill out the form to sign up. #EmpowerHer #SheIsNear.


I’m pumped for this! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Mighty cool :brown_heart: .