[September Report]Progress on Education, Development, and Research


Hey Community!
This is my September progress report. This month’s work was mostly focused on development and training. Highlights are:

  • Graduated 5 new developers to join the NEAR ecosystem
  • NEAR Flutter is ready for you to build mobile apps that interact with NEAR.
  • Digital Certification Product, certi, is live on mainnet
  • Reward-based Quiz project is coming soon!


  • Completed the first cohort of Blockchain training for university students. 5 new aspiring developers are now ready to build on NEAR.
  • Held a Face-To-Face session on Blockchain in Istanbul and highlighted NEAR competitive features .
  • Working on 2 new courses: “Onboarding new users to blockchain and web3” and “NCD Arabic”


NEAR Flutter API

  • The near-api-flutter library is ready for use with a new example (guestbook). Mobile developers are encourage to start using it and share feedback with us :slight_smile:


A certificate generation tool for NEARians is now live on mainnet. You can design and generate certificates and mint them to certified people in one super easy step.

  • Try it on testnet here:
  • mainnet version here:

Other Dev Projects

  • Quizly (formerly Quiz4U) is a quiz creation tool. Users and community leaders can run competition and learn-to-earn competition using quizly.
  • currently under development. should be ready by the end of this month.
  • VerifiedProfile : (discontinued - we beleive we have better approach to build it – later we might go back to it ). This was a project that aims to have verified profiles for users on NEAR. This service will help other services make sure the near account is verified and not fake/duplicate.

Other ongoing work:

  • Help managing the NEAR Arabic community.

Feel free to join us if you are interested in any of the work we are doing.

More to come soon … :rocket:

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