[July Report] Progress on Education, Development, and Research


I’m currently involved in a few projects related to research , education , and development . Below is a summary of the progress of June.


I’m currently leading the NEAR-in-Arabic brand and providing webinars and educational content for the Arabic-speaking world. Here are a few updates:

  • 512+ total hours of content watched on Youtube so far.
  • Held 2 new sessions “Introduction to Blockchain” July in Egypt with Ainshams University and Cairo University)
  • Launched a summer training program and recruited 5 students. The program will start on Monday 1st of August.

Stats of the sessions audience (accumulated):

  • 100+ total attendees
  • 9.2/10 webinar average rating
  • 4.7/5 instructor rating average


  • The research paper on “IoT On-Demand Data Monetization” got accepted and to be published soon.
  • Conducted a research on the difference between NEAR, Ethereum, SOLANA, and Hyperledger Fabric. To be published soon


  • Not much progress from previous report
  • Plan to release the mobile development work next month.


Currently merging near-in-arabic with near-arabia community to unify the Arabic community channels for the whole Arab world.


  • More webinars and sessions. Planing for a new course too.
  • Conducting the summer training of the 5 accepted students
  • Completing the mobile app development work
  • Keep growing the community

Feel free to reach out for any more details on the above.