[October Report] Progress on Education, Development, and Research


Hey Community!
This is my October progress report. This month’s work was mostly focused on development and training. Highlights are:

  • New mobile app (lend me) was developed based on our our NEAR API Flutter Package
  • NEW Blockchain Basics (Arabic) course was recorded and published on Udemy
  • Reward-based Quiz project (Quizly) is uploaded (alpha version)


  • Completed the onboarding-new-users-to-web3 course, named “Blockchain And Crypto Basics” and published the course on Udemy here. The course goal is to teach any internet user on Blockchain in Arabic.


Lend-Me Mobile App

  • New app (lend-me) was developed based on the near-api-flutter library. It is a mobile app that lets people lend and borrow money on the NEAR Blockchain. This app and previous apps are meant to show off the power of the near-api-flutter package being used in mobile apps and to work as examples to help new comers to build mobile apps on NEAR.

Development / Research:

  • Conducted a research on possible ways to implement KYC feature in flutter to help mobile developers verify users identity. Here is a link for the research findings.

Other ongoing work:

  • Help managing the NEAR Arabic community.

Feel free to join us at NEAR Arabic if you are interested in any of the work we are doing.

More to come soon … :rocket:

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Masha Allah, keep up the good work, my friend; it is fantastic.