[RoadMap] Thespians DAO RoadMap to Self Sustainability, July - Dec., 2022

Hello Creatives, we believe in self Sustainability and have mapped out strategies to actualize this motion.

We are the Thespians DAO, and we use our platform as a driving force in the NEAR Ecosystem to: entertain, educate and onboard.

You can read about us in our Introduction:

July was wonderful, we had our first DAO Project, and it was a great experience. The stress, the hard work, the Team work, the experience, the results - worth it all!
We have the Report of our first Stage Drama here for briefing:

After our first project in the NEAR Ecosystem, we analysed way to minimize costs in months to come and be 100% effective; hence we have this 6 Months RoadMap (with July included).


The three visions for these 6 remaining months of 2022, are:

  • To minimize Production Costs
  • To be very effective in NFT & Content Creation
  • To Onboard great number of Creatives


In July, we introduced the Concept we have as a DAO; onboarded Creatives (made up of Actors, Actresses and Crew Members); we have a DAO Store on Mintbase where we have minted up to 20 NFTs; and we had a successful Stage Drama NFT.

This August, we are planning to start saving up for Thespians DAO Audio-Visual Studio Space where we can rehearse comfortably (without any limitation), record Radio Dramas and where we can also be shooting our Film Dramas. We will not slack in our Onboarding activities as we will be presenting the NEAR Ecosystem with a gigantic Dance Drama.

In September, we will finish up the required payment for our Audio-Visual Studio Space and start making use of the space ASAP. We also plan to collaborate with a DAO that have a common vision with us, and there will also be a Drama NFT from such collaboration. We will continue to onboard and educate Creatives as well.

In October, we will kickoff with acquisition of two Professional Cameras (costs divided into two months). This is to enable us shoot contents for the NEAR Ecosystem and DAO awareness contents, without having to ask for funds (for renting cameras) all the time. We will have the first payment in October, and complete the two sets in November.
We will also start getting props to put our new Audio-Visual Studio Space in shape, this we will share the costs too (between October and November).
As always, there will be a Stage Drama NFT to onboard more Creatives into the Ecosystem.

We will finalize the acquisition of the two Professional Cameras and getting all the props needed for our new Audio-Visual Studio Space. As these two things are set, we are ready to bless the NEAR Ecosystem with our first FILM DRAMA NFT!
This we will premiere in a Cinema and on the Metaverse; and onboard New NEARians during the Live Premiere in Nigeria.

It is a festive period and we should have our audience in mind too. We will host a Christmas Stage Drama for the Ecosystem and invite audience to watch and get onboarded/educated about the NEAR Ecosystem.
We will also set funds aside to buy professional lenses for our Two Cameras.

Community members will start submitting proposals from January, when the DAO is fully set to a standard we look forward to.

Thank you our dear community for appreciating our efforts in our previous posts, we promise to grow and do better. Our best is yet to come.

Once again, thank you @creativesdao-council

We are the THESPIANS DAO!!!


The great thespian :raised_hands:t2:

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Wow… You guys have a great roadmap…


Thanks alot @Ziglar and @Styleherbalist