[CLOSED] A one Week Near Protocol bootcamp: A good strategy to improve the adoption of near Blockchain

Near protocol is a layer-one Blockchain that aims to solve the problem of slow transaction rates, limited throughput and poor compatibility. There have been many different lecture documents which has been released to help improve knowledge about the near Blockchain, example includes the likes of docs.near.org and also the near academy. But yet due to near being built using rust programming language which we all know that learning rust is not an easy task and also it application. Many Near application built on the near Blockchain are mostly closed source. Without much open source code available, there can’t be much progress on the near Blockchain. We can take example from how the Solana blockchain works. Which have seen improved adoption due to available of open source codes available. The major problem with the near protocol is
-There is a shortage of experience talent in the near protocol ecosystem, For us to tackle these problem in a long term, we will need to organize a community event to quickly boost talent in the short term.

Proposed bootcamp

In order to solve these above problem, I am proposing a one week virtual 100% free bootcamp which will be opened to any skill level,where those who have experience in developing Application on the Near protocol will help to trains newbies who are willing and ready to learn to develop Applications on the near protocol.
Every participants will be divided into two groups,The beginner and those with little skill knowledge about the near Blockchain. The beginners will be task with a simple a DAPP application on the near Blockchain, while those with near protocol little experience will be given task like creating NFT depending how it is going to be organized.
And also All participants will also have to solve daily coding challenges to help them learn and demonstrate important concepts.
There will be prizes for those who will take 1st 2nd and 3rd depending on the two categories that we will be created and the near foundation will vote to select winners. For the bootcamp.

How will these help

The above bootcamp suggested above will help to get people more involved and active using the near protocol ecosystem.
Any body can learn from these event as there will be a basic breakdown of the near protocol and participants will be able to create there first dapp on the near ecosystem.
As we all know there are many projects in the ecosystem who are looking for developers to join them these bootcamp can also be an avenue to meet new talent in the near ecosystem.
How can the near protocol help
Well The near foundation has always been the backbone of the near ecosystem
These bootcamp can be funded by the near protocol ecosystem and also with the near foundation backup we can also seek support from other projects to get mentors and developer who will be supporting so as to make the bootcamp a successful one.

How would you measure the success of this initiative

I will say first bootcamp has existed for long and most programmer would tell you bootcamp ignited the intuition within them. Near is becoming more and more common in the Blockchain world today. A near bootcamp will be a successful initiative, because people will be having a first practical challenge about the near ecosystem from both developer and also mentors for a period of 1week.

How is it different from the current programs by the education team

We might be wondering what the difference between my proposed near bootcamp and the current programs which are being run by the educational team of the near academy.
my proposed near bootcamp is a organized community event which will be used to boost talent in a short term and the bootcamp will last for one week, after which the education team can continue and with a successful bootcamp I think it will make the current programs run by the educational team more simple, because most participants have already have a initial first hand near protocol challenge during the bootcamp and they will even be more ready to learn more about the near Blockchain.

Funding scheme- one time.


Tutor Compensation: USD 700 / tutor
700 x 2 = USD 1400
Discord community manager Compensation: USD 200
Marketing(content writing, graphics,adverts) : $500

Reward to winners
1st place - $200+ legendary NFT
2nd place - $150+ rare NFT
3rd place - $ 100 + rare NFT

Total= $2550 usd

Near account - e_kan.near


@Dacha @David_NEAR please what are your thoughts on this proposal. Does it fix the marketing DAO?

Hi @Nearghost thanks for posting your proposal.

As this is your first post on the forum, perhaps you could give the community some information on your background, involvement in organizing bootcamps and understanding of NEAR.


I am Rapheal aka nearghost. I am a theoritical physicist, developer and a researcher, it was my passion and love for research that brought me across cryptocurrency and the concept decentralization and how it will revolutionise and solve many problems we are facing. I have been preaching the gospel of cryptocurrency since then, I have attended numerous bootcamps on cryptocurrencies, web3, and decentralised tech organized by some project, with the most recent being the motoko bootcamp.
I have also organized bootcamps one of which was a bootcamp on elementary coding and intro to web3 where I and my team taught a group more than 20people web/web3 development.
I came across near Blockchain in the late 2021 when I was doing my research on eth 2.0 and how it was going to use sharding to help speed up and reduce transaction fee. That when that was when I came across Near Protocol which was already using sharding in it Blockchain and since then I started researching on how smart contract works on the near Blockchain, with help from the near academy, figment.io and doc.near.org I had more understanding about near in that,.
Near networks runs on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism called Nightshade, which aims to offer scalability and stable fees.
And near suite tools are mostly built using the Rust language.

I joined the near discord group where I was talking to one of the dev about organizing a bootcamp to bring in more talents to the near protocol. He told me about the near gov where I should drop my proposal and we have been talking to some project who will be helping us with dev mentors to support and also make the bootcamp a success.


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Good morning, could you please update your proposal. Some important information was missed…

Here is guide. Thank You.


This proposal doesn’t seem to fall under the scope of the Marketing DAO.

I would strongly suggest connecting directly with NEAR University (Education Team) as they have a range of funding available for educational initiatives. I believe that not only will they be much better placed to make a call about the content, quality and your ability to execute a bootcamp but they also have much more flexible funding and resources (instructors, tutorials, etc.)

I do note that Education team funds education initiatives beyond their own, so it is perfectly fine to approach them with a new, different program.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for your reply @satojandro , the aim of these bootcamp is still synonymous to marketing, the aim of marketing is to bring people closer to a product or to create awareness about the product, and here the bootcamp is Targeted at bringing in more people to the near ecosystem as a whole.

I have added what is missing in the proposal according to the lost below. Thank you for your guardians.

Yes, technically most activities overlap with marketing in the sense that, when executed correctly, they will project an image onto the world and hopefully attract more users, developers, or achieve the goals specific to the campaign.

This is more a question of which funding vertical is most appropriate. And as I have stated earlier, I believe the most appropriate funding vertical for an technical education workshop/bootcap would be Education grants program.

Are there any reasons in particular why you would rather not approach them?

@satojandro thanks for your suggestions. These is my first time of using these forum. And the first place I was directed too was the marketing department. I will forward my proposal to the educational department as I was told, well the purpose of everything here is to improve the adoption of the near Blockchain. Thank you for your time…

but again I think since the proposal has been pushed to the marketing dao already, and you have agreed these is also synonynous to making, we can move forward, any future proposal like these will be duely forwarded to the right channel.

Adding a comment to say that I think the MarketingDAO vertical might be an appropriate place to come to in the future to request funding for spreading the word about the bootcamp if it’s established as a project. I would recommend contacting NEAR University first as they may be able to help bring broader support to your initiative.

I have forward the proposal to the educational channel.

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@Shadznftart @amgando Nearghost needs mentors to execute this bootcamp. Can you please help him get enthusiastic mentors onboard?

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