April education activities | Cristian Zambrano

Hello NEAR community @Cristian here :wave:t2:, I would like to talk about my report of educational activities in April in NEAR Hispano :grin:

Showroom apps NEAR Hispano April edition
Like every month, we have a showroom, a space to invite the DiR residency projects to show their progress to the community.

DApps Showroom | Marzo 2022

:busts_in_silhouette: NEAR Certified Instructors tracking

Follow-up of the activities of certified instructors.

:books: Support bootcamps for the first instructors in NEAR Hispano

This month we continue to support NEAR Hispanic instructors in delivering their first bootcamps (NCA NCD) within the NEAR Hispanic community with the following bootcamps

Youtube playlists:

NEAR Certified Analyst | 04.04.2022

NEAR Certified Analyst | 18.04.2022

NEAR Certified Analyst | 25.04.2022

NEAR Certified Developers | 25.04.2022

design of the NEAR Hispano instructors guide
With the feedback provided to each instructor, we developed a support guide for bootcamp instruction at NEAR Hispano.

introduction to NEAR with Rust - Platzi
The design of a course focused on development with NEAR began for the educational community of Platzi, the largest platform for online courses specializing in technology and entrepreneurship in Latin America.

And that’s it, April was a month full of activities, I hope each month to break more and more goals for the benefit of the community. :grin: