[Request for Grant] Developer Dashboard

Developer Dashboard

NEAR has increasingly growing open source developer ecosystem.
There is currently no way to track all the projects, understand what is their status and see all the contributors.

Even just taking https://near.org/near organization, there are over 100 repositories, with different code owners, issues and velocity of changes.

There are 100s of public repos by various developers who have tried or are actively building on NEAR.

This bounty is to create a dashboard to pull together all the data from repos in NEAR ecosystem and provide easy way to navigate it.


For example, here are few queries to find NEAR projects via github searches:

Acceptance criteria

  • Project with background workers (scipts), database and frontend to display this information.
  • Script that discovers relevant repositories
    • whitelisted organizations
    • dependents (for example any project that depends on near-api-js, near-api-py, near-sdk-rs, etc)
    • personal forks of existing repos (may have branches in progress)
  • Script to periodically pull all the relevant data from github and populate a database
    • repo general info
      • stars
      • dependencies
      • language used
      • basic set of tags for the repo: near-api-js, near-sdk-rs, frontend, contract
    • issues / # of new issues / # of total issues
    • PRs / # of new PRs / # of merged PRs
    • new commits across all branches
    • releases
    • discussions
  • Frontend
    • Dashboard
      • Graph of monthly active devs (at least 1 commit in last 30 days)
      • Graph of people engaged (commits, issues, discussions, etc)
      • Graph of projects overall, number of unique organizations involved
      • Overall activity chart: similar to github per-day activity across all of the ecosystem (some cool visualization for this?)
      • Section that highlights “new contributors”, “contributors of the month” and similar
      • Number of PRs without response within 24h
    • List of projects with some measure of activity for each
    • List of PRs, categorized by: open, waiting for CODE OWNER, waiting for author, merged
    • List of people, which projects they have contributed, their “history” in the ecosystem
    • Graphs of issues / PRs per each repo (this info doesn’t exist on github stats page :frowning: )
    • All data accessbible via APIs
      • It’s important that others are able to compose their own graphs from this data. For example some custom dashboard for all devs who are building on top of specific SDK library.

Apply for grant

This is proposal for grant application to build Developer Dashboard.
Post response here to apply.


Great idea, I think NEARverse members beyond developers could be interested in this dashboard. Once you approve for grant, I would like to share this with a team we are implementing the NEAR DAO with now if they are interested in building it.

You can use this template to apply for grant right now - the approval process is based on the team + grant application.

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@illia Any progress on this grant ? If is still available our team has bandwidth to implement this.

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I haven’t seen anyone working on this @GeorgeCrossChainLab .

Can you apply via NEAR Foundation Grants linking to this doc for our funding team?

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@illia we’ve just submitted our proposal for this grant via NEAR Foundation Grants.