[REPORT] ZON-Verse DAO Monthly Report - July 2022

Hello everyone and welcome. This is our monthly report for ZON-Verse. We are preparing for our next issue release later this month.

Project Name: ZON-Verse

Project Status: Third comic 'Apollo Chapter 2" will be released September 1st

Council Members @ZexonNerotaki @Rabukome1 @dee.alice @mr.menace

Project Accounting Before payouts: 486 Near / $2660 USD

  • $500 USD was paid out to the Art Director for directing the artist and managing discord, twitter, & Mintbase.

  • $1000 USD was paid out to the artist @Rabukome1 for the completion of 20 panels.

  • $200 USD was paid out to writer @dee.alice daily council management including Twitter and Discord.

  • $300 USD is was paid out to @mr.menace for completion of a comic in a future comic coming. **The story is based around the discovery and exploration of the ZON-Verse. The comic will tell a series of stories about different races transcending the stars in exploration to see what is out there. (Part 2) **

  • $88 USD was paid out to @TwinbladePH for the character creation of: “Lizchotians are life-sucking, nocturnal Driad-like creatures that have risen by the essence of the Corruption. These creatures hunt their prey more likely at night to torture, possess or suck out the life of it. No one knows how they become sentient and if they are alive or not but one thing is certain, they will hunt anything that has life in it”

Leaving 123N / $660 USD

Still to be paid out:

  • 100N (Give or take) To the contestants of The Characthon.

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Apollo chapter 2 is currently being worked on.

  • We are starting a new story for the 3D comic one that will be less “intense” on my CPU

  • Bounties are still open this month for writers and artists for short stories or character creation w/ Splash art.

  • Bounties will be 15N per character created. That will include a splash art, a character sheet, and a small paragraph explaining who the character is and how they got to where they are now.


  • We have more people interested in joining the ZON-Verse and they are being vetted to see if they are a nice fit

  • We are also outsourcing more artist for different things pertaining to the ZON-Verse in efforts to increase both of our ‘value’


  • We gained 11 new followers since the last time we reported givings our twitter 25 followers total. We are reviewing more ways to increase follower count. Twitter

  • We sold 7 editions of Apollo since it’s release on Mintbase. Mintbase

Next Steps:

  • We continue to make comics for the public consumption

  • We will also try to market as much as possible to continue to lead towards independence.

  • Preparing for the Characthon. We plan to make this event one of the biggest bounties going on in NEAR!!!

We would like to thank @creativesdao-council for making my and other people’s dreams come true. The ZON-Verse will continue to expand!!!