[REPORT] ZON-Verse DAO Monthly Report - May 2022

Hello everyone and welcome. This is our monthly report for ZON-Verse. Things were pretty exciting leading up to the release of our first comic:

Issue #1 Celeste

Project Name: ZON-Verse

Project Status: First comic ‘Celeste’ was released June 2nd.

Celeste (First) JPG

Council Members @ZexonNerotaki @Rabukome1 @dee.alice

Project Accounting: $273 USD / 52N

  • $500 USD was paid out to the Art Director for directing the artist and managing discord, twitter, & Mintbase. Also for the production and story telling of ‘Celeste’

  • $1000 USD was paid out to the artist @Rabukome1 for the completion of 30 panels. 30 panels x $50 = $1500 USD (Was only paid for 20 will be requesting the rest of the payment for him in the proposal)

  • Still to paid out next month is $500 USD for the completion of The Celeste Comic to @Rabukome1

  • $200 USD was paid out to writer @dee.alice for story creation in a future upcoming comic

  • $200 USD is to be paid out to another writer for story creation.

Leaving $73 USD / 14N


Updated Project Timeline: With the first comic out we are now simultaneously working on two comics at the same time by a different artist. We also have 3 more stories that have/are been written.

-We want to open bounties this month for writers and artists for short stories or character creation w/ Splash art.

Next comic release is estimated to be August 1st


This is our Mintbase store that will provide all the comic releases:

-4 copies have sold since its release. This is being recorded on June 3rd.

-We created a Twitter for more promotion:

-We have a Discord for anyone who wants to join and keep up with us on what is currently going on:

I think so far things are going smoothly, we had a minor setback with the release of the first comic. Mintbase was having some minting issues and they managed to fix it the next day. We released it as soon as it was available to us.

Next Steps:
-We are still looking for more artists to help increase the pace of comic releases, if you guys feel 1 every 2 months is to long please let us know.

-Maybe create a category for 1-page comic strips like in they used to put in the new paper?

If not we will proceed as normal.

We would like to thank @creativesdao-council for making mine and other people’s dreams come true. The ZON-Verse will continue to expand!!!


Hello! Can you please report on activitiess that have been paid out from last month’s funding also? Thanks

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Sorry this is my first report. I hope i fulfilled the request.