[REPORT] ZON-Verse DAO Monthly Report - August & September 2022

Hello everyone and welcome. This is our monthly report for ZON-Verse. We will be combining two reports of August & September

Project Name: ZON-Verse

Project Status: Fifth comic ‘Apollo Chapter 4’ will be released November 1st.

Council Members @ZexonNerotaki @Rabukome1 @dee.alice @mr.menace

Project Accounting After Funding: 1,228 Near / $4.7k USD ($4,700)

  • This funding is the combination of two months
  • $1000 USD was paid out to the Art Director for directing the artist and managing discord, Twitter, & Mintbase.

  • $2000 USD was paid out to the artist @Rabukome1 for the completion of 40 panels. (2 months worth of panels)

  • $600 USD was paid out to writer @dee.alice daily council management including Twitter and Discord.

  • $600 USD is was paid out to @mr.menace for the completion of two comic storylines. The story of The Voidstress, The story of Argomus

  • $200 was used in The Characthon as payout to the winners

Leaving 67 Near / $243 USD

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Continuing production of comics, comics are coming out better and are getting deeper in lore. Nearing (ha) the end of Apollo’s comic series and then we will start a new series

  • 3D comic still in production, the storyline is written, the comic is now being plotted


  • We are reaching out a bit more to speak to more artists and other story creators.

  • We had a Giveaway and we also gave out the comics to the winners of the giveaway! We plan to do more with more exclusive prizes!

  • We are also outsourcing more artist for different things pertaining to the ZON-Verse in efforts to increase both of our ‘value’

  • The Characthon has ended and we crowned a winner. We will start planning a comic that will feature the character that was won.

  • We managed to give 60N to artists who participated in The Characthon.

  • The Characthon had over 60 votes 30 retweets and 64 likes. (We think that is great for a first-time event)


  • We gained 27 new followers over the past 2 months giving us 61 followers total. We are reviewing more ways to increase follower count. Twitter

  • We sold 4 comics and through giveaways handed out 5 comics for a totally of 9 comics being collected

Next Steps:

  • We continue to make comics for the public consumption

  • We will also try to market as much as possible to continue to lead towards independence.

We would like to thank @creativesdao-council for making my and other people’s dreams come true. The ZON-Verse will continue to expand!!!