[REPORT] ZON-Verse DAO Monthly Report - June 2022

Hello everyone and welcome. This is our monthly report for ZON-Verse. We are preparing for our next issue release later this month.

Project Name: ZON-Verse

Project Status: Second comic ‘Apollo’ will be released before July 15th.

Council Members @ZexonNerotaki @Rabukome1 @dee.alice @mr.menace

Project Accounting: 26 Near / $90.15 USD

  • $500 USD was paid out to the Art Director for directing the artist and managing discord, twitter, & Mintbase.

  • $1500 USD was paid out to the artist @Rabukome1 for the completion of 20 panels, Plus the additional 10 panels from the last comic.

  • $200 USD was paid out to writer @dee.alice daily council management including Twitter and Discord.

  • $300 USD is was paid out to @mr.menace for completion of a comic in a future comic coming. The story is based around the discovery and exploration of the ZON-Verse. The comic will tell a series of stories about different races transcending the stars in exploration to see what is out there.

  • $34.20 USD was paid out to @TwinbladePH for the character creation of: Argomus, the Divine Gauntlet of the Heaven. He is considered a Celestial due to his overpowered arsenal he conjures with his own bare fists known as the Margamold. He is one of the remaining immortals who keep the Sky Fortress from being invaded by the Vicious Lizchotians, beings that only wants to consume life force. Argomus is in charge of protecting the gate of the Sky Fortress or known as the “Stratodome”

Leaving 26 Near / $90.15 USD

Updated Project Timeline:

  • One of the two comics that was being worked on is finished and will be out before July 15th. The comic being that it is a “3D Comic” and something first of its kind is taking more time than anticipated.

  • Bounties willl be open this month for writers and artists for short stories or character creation w/ Splash art.

  • Bounties will be 15N per character created. That will include a splash art, a character sheet, and a small paragraph explaining who the character is and how they got to where they are now.


  • We are reaching out a bit more to speak to more artists and other story creators

  • We attended @kodandi twitter space for HypeDAO to attempt to expand our reach, and we will be attending more, more frequently to try to get the community to be with us on this journey

  • We have more people interested in joining the ZON-Verse and they are being vetted to see if they are a nice fit

  • We are also outsourcing more artist for different things pertaining to the ZON-Verse in efforts to increase both of our ‘value’


  • We gained 4 new followers since the last time we reported givings our twitter 14 followers total. We are reviewing more ways to increase follower count. Twitter

  • We sold 5 editions of Celeste since it has been released on Mintbase. We are considering going over to the Marketing DAO to see if we can get some help with marketing. Mintbase

Next Steps:

  • We continue to make comics for the public consumption

  • We will also try to market as much as possible to continue to lead towards independence.

We would like to thank @creativesdao-council for making my and other people’s dreams come true. The ZON-Verse will continue to expand!!!