[Closed] ZON-Verse DAO - Funding Proposal for October

We are applying for a monthly remuneration for artists and writers to develop Zon-Verse.


Last month’s proposal:

This month’s report:


ZON-Verse is a series of comics that brings together many brilliant minds telling their stories and creating their characters. Writers and artists create together to bring the many characters of ZON-Verse to life.
The characters will become NFTs and fund the further development of more characters on more and more planets in the Verse. The comics will eventually become the storyboards for movies much like “Marvel on blockchain”.
The potential is limitless, and the amount of talent that could be included is endless. The concept is broad and open to allow for the individual freedom of artists and writers to express their creative selves under the umbrella of ZON-Verse.

Project/Council Members:

We are looking for:

  • Worldbuilders, Character creators, Line drawers, Colorers, Concept artists, Background artists, Marketers, Social Media experts, Etc.)


  • All comic enthusiasts of all ages, demographics, and geographics.

Monthly Remuneration:


  • Artists will be remunerated for each task completed, for instance, $50 per frame completed and uploaded.

  • Each comic will consist of 20 frames.

  • Each Page will consist of 5 frames

  • Each page uploaded must be signed “off” by the Art Director.

  • Each Artist should complete 20 frames per month. $1000.

  • Total $1000

Proposal for Artist:


  • Writers will be remunerated $300 for each comic storyline approved through voting on which characters have the potential to develop.

  • Each of the writers should write one story per month receiving $300 each.

  • One writer $300.

Proposal for Writers:

-Art Director

  • The Art Director will be remunerated on a monthly basis to oversee the project and approve artwork and storylines, proofread stories, review characters, and finalize and post all changes.

  • Monthly payment of $500.

Proposal for Art Director:

-Asking for an extra $300 for @dee.alice who is multi-talented and has helped ZON-Verse is all aspects by doing a little bit of everything each month and management of the council

Total: $2.1k / $2,100 USD

Projects & Timelines:

  • The 5th comic is on its way!!! It will be posted onto our Mintbase, Twitter, and Discord for anyone who is interested in keeping up with our activity. We aren’t as active because we are hard at work, but we are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

  • The comic will be set to release November 1st.

  • The name of the comic will be called ‘Apollo: Chapter 4’

  • The Characthon have taken place and it was a smashing success!!!
    -We are making plans for the next one as we speak now and are coming up with more ways to get the community involved

Metrics for success:

  • Increase in comic buy volume from the previous month
  • Increase in comic production over time from 1 comic every 2 months to 1 comic every month. (This has been fulfilled and will be removed from next month’s metrics)
  • Increase support from creatives and DAO that want to contribute their ideas to the ‘Verse’
  • Increased followers for Twitter and Discord.

Our reported metrics can be found at the bottom of our report

Every month we will be implementing new ways to improve these points above and will be looking for new metrics to determine our success as others are fulfilled or fade out.


We hope to continue to create comics for all styles and every walk of life!


Hello Zon-verse Dao, thanks for submitting this proposal.

I’m sorry to share this announcement that we pause the distribution of fundings.

Keep tunned in the public discussion updating new guidelines for Creatives Dao.

Hope have your inputs there.


Ive been keeping my eye to the post but i didnt see anywhere, where the proposals were being put on hold.
My bad.

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