[REPORT] Web 3 delight event

Web 3 delight event proposal
Greetings creatives, I am typing this report with a smile on my face. I am glad the creative vertical supported this project.

A total of 16 creatives represented Near protocol at this event that had over 3,000 attendee both physically and virtually.

Check out here for pictures from the event

I did not just represent Near protocol with my presence but I was given the opportunity to speak on stage with Near x Art dao members. Indeed, it was a great visibility for Near protocol and its creatives. check here for the video

Several blockchain companies have been reaching out to us for possible collaboration. We recently got an offer from a reputable tech/blockchain marketing company offering to work with us in promoting the near x art dao. reference here

Objectives and metrics

  • It served as a great avenue for creatives in the near ecosystem to connect even more better

  • It gave visibility to near and its creative dao.

  • It gave room for cross collaborations

  • It increases our community members. telegram currently at 215 (150 previously)

  • It gave us room to share out ideas and onboard newbies to use the near blockchain.