[Report] Near x art Dao recap for July 2022

Near x Art on Astrodao

Abdulkareem.near @supercoolkay 102 votes
Bimpe.near @Bimpsyy 6 votes
Lekkyberry.near @Olamilepoun 79 votes

On chain members in total 19

Proposal for July Near x Art July’22 budget

July project update

[Report] Web 3 delight event

[Report] Creating utility with nft

[Report] Pet and wildlife 2.0

[Report] Ghetto photography bounty

[Report] Talk and win show

[Report] Spoken word artists bounty

Success yardstick

  • Onboarded 48 newbies from the pet and wildlife bounty. 23 from @cedrick.near, 20 from @Jamilaa.near and 4 from @kenjay60 and 1 from @genvergara.near

  • Visibility to Near protocol and it’s creative vertical in the web 3 delight event that had over 3,000 attendees both online & physical Reference

  • Onboarded 6 visual & creative artist to
    the gov forum.

  • Onboarded 1 newbie from the spoken word bounty sorkps.near.

  • Created a very easy and simple guide to help newbies mint their works on mintbase , operate on Astrodao, etc.

  • Collaboration: We got the attention of a tech/blockchain marketing company and got a $350 marketing offer. Reference

  • Created over 14 NFT of arts that ranges from the following theme: Dedicated art to victims of Ukraine and Russia war, dedicated art to climate neutral change, dedicated art to world peace.

  • Shot appealing videos that described our nft of art better

  • First NFT sales on the pet and wildlife store on #creatives:mintbase

  • About 750% increase in our telegram members 150 last month (now 252)

  • @Bissaka onboarded 8 newbies with the Talk and win show Talk and win show report

  • 50% Twitter growth on Twitter with the talk and win show 150 followers before. Currently on 252 followers

  • 70% Increase in our YouTube subscribers. 90 subscribers last month now 141 subscribers

  • 70% increase of Minters and NFTs in the pet and wildlife store.

  • Road to our physical blockchain incorporated gallery, augmented reality and relaxation center

  • Aided Near Nigeria to educate on Future of African art.

  • We aided Blaqk stereo to educate newbies on the topic “introduction to near Protocol”

  • Ofcourse a whole lot more in store for us at the #near-x-art-dao

Other information
@gushlewis had to step down from the council duty due to the workload and other project on his desk. Although he is open to help us with any Crytovoxel arrangement. However, @Bimpsyy came onboard to resume duties.

Cheers! @creativesdao-council