[CLOSED] Dapps >>> Ap

Dapps >>> Ap – means Decentralized applications over Centralized applications.

Following Near foundation and Pagoda’s 2023 goal to reach “20% month- over-month growth in Monthly Active Developers (MADs)”. Dapps Over Apps is a project tagged with the mission to onboard developers and tech enthusiast to web 3 will make NF & Pagoda’s goal attainable.

With over 18 months of experience working with the Near blockchain, I have become very familiar with the value of decentralization and how Near Protocol is one of the best options for developers. I am currently part of a DAPP development project and I have found the ease that the near blockchain provides in comparison to others; hence I am specifically motivated to share this with other developers.

The promises of decentralization cannot be achieved without the togetherness of everyone.

Thus, the reason for this movement “Dapps Ap which is aimed at connecting the right developers to the ecosystem.

I plan to kick start this movement with an event themed Dapps over Apps. This event will focus on the following:

  1. Onboarding builders and developers to the Near ecosystem

  2. Introduction of Dapps on Near

  3. Introducing Aurora lab EVM compatibility for solidity developers and other ecosystem builders to deploy their Decentralized applications on Near.

  4. Onboarding users of Dapps to Near

  5. Guiding newbies on their way in building their first decentralized application on Near.

  6. Building a community of developers, tech savvy and innovative people that will work together to improve the Near ecosystem.

  7. Lectures on how to interact with some Near Dapps regarding how it relates with their career paths. E.g Investors may want to know how Ref finance operates. Artists may want to know how Paras operates.

  8. Educating builders and developers on the importance of Sharding technique, the forking mechanism of Near social and why they should launch their decentralized applications on Near.

Key Metrics & Deliverables

• Onboard 100 - 200 developers, tech savvy and builders to the Near ecosystem.

• Onboard 100 attendees to communities that support builders of decentralized applications. The like of Human guild, sakore, Developers Dao, etc.

• Guide 20 to 50 developers, tech savvy and prospective builders on how to pivot their way in launching their Dapps on Near blockchain.

• Train 50 - 100 newbies on how to interact with some Dapps on Near that relates to their career. For instance, artists may like to know about Paras, mintbase, etc. Investors may like to know about ref finance, creatives may want to know about paras, tamango, mintbase, etc.

• Grow a community for Dapps over Apps to 200 members after the event.

• Training Video available and accessible for future distribution

Justification: I have hosted series of events within the Near Ecosystem both virtual and in person and I have had an outpouring attendance, value creation and have attained all key deliverables. Link to some of the reports below:

Event Structure:

Tentative Date:	March 2023
Location:	Lagos Nigeria
Target audience: Developers, tech savvy, web 3 enthusiast, builders, etc.
Expected guest: 200 – 300 attendees.
Duration:	7 hours

Confirmed Speakers & Educators:

• Andres Dominguez: A Near certified developer with several years of experience in blockchain development and building of decentralized applications. Some projects include Near P2P, Econear.in, etc.

Quivira – Founder of Institute Ophir; a community for blockchain development. He is also a blockchain lead developer with experience in solidity, token deployment and technical writing.

Loozr team: A community-driven muisc platform built on Near that allows everyone to listen2earn per second, trade, invest in artist & music tokens.

Olamilekan Amoo: Skilled in Android & IOS development, front- end developmet, java script and C++.

@Hawwal : Founder of blaqstereo dao; a community of designers, illustrators, artists, etc. He is conversant with web 3 and the Near ecosystem.

Techwithmide : A blockchain developer, blockchain security analyst and advocate.

Tentative Speakers:

Budget breakdown:

Event space - $500: This cost covers the venue, power supply, sound, decoration.

Banner: $150

Customized tee-shirts & swag pack - $500: Customized shirts will be given to workers, speakers and first 50 attendees.

Speakers welfare & logistics - $700:

Refreshment- $1,000 – In calculation of $5 per head for 200 persons.

Incentive for organizer - $500: An average of 2 – 5 hours per day will be dedicated to the planning of this event.

Online & Physical awareness - $300: This is an integral part to the success of this event. Awareness will be made via posters, campus rallies, word of mouth and social media ad.

Workers, ushers & volunteers - $500: An estimate of 10 – 15 people will be employed for the coordination of this event. Asking for $50 per person

Video coverage & photography - $350: Recorded clips will be used after the event to educate and help newbies navigate their building journey on Near.

This video will strengthen the impact of this event as it will be across various Near social channels for visibility and public awareness of Near blockchain infrastructure that supports all kinds of developers.

Best Start-up idea - $300: This will be awarded to the top 3 best Near oriented start up idea pitched at the event.

Total: $4,800

I have filled marketing dao form with all necessary information. I look forward to the approval of this project.

Thank you.




Hi @Supercoolkay – thanks for the proposal and filling out the form. There are a couple of things I want to ask about this proposal and then a few circumstances that, from my perspective, are likely to affect funding of this at this time.

  • What’s your plan for reaching the 200-300 attendee goal? Do you have existing methods for reaching people and promoting the event? If you can elaborate on that, it would be helpful.
  • Is this primarily an educational event or a builder/dev event? It seems like a mix from my reading of this.
  • How do you plan to run the start up pitch? Will people submit beforehand, etc.?

Additional comments:

  • The cost strikes me as high. Along with that, I’m not a huge fan of sinking a lot into overhead, print materials, swag and incentives for organizers, especially for an event that is the first of its kind and hasn’t been proven yet.
  • The MarketingDAO relaunched last fall with events being out of scope. We are currently in a transitional phase where we are taking on the evaluation of a few events in partnership with the NEAR Foundation, but we have not fully transitioned – it is looking like the end of Q1 for that to be finalized.
  • This is an event that, in my view, falls under the category of regional activities. We are currently in discussions with the NEAR Foundation team around next steps with regional groups, guilds and communities so we can have a better way of funding them.

Given the above questions and concerns, I am not ready to support the proposal at this time, but will continue to monitor and view responses from the community and council and hope we can get some additional clarity on our role with events and regional activities soon. Thanks!


Hi @Supercoolkay
The feedback from @Supercoolkay is quite robust. Feel free to respond directly to her points below.

Similarly, given the nature of the line items of the event, high pricing, and the previous projects listed; I’m struggling to see the value that Near will get from this project. Unfortunately, it’s a no from me.

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HI Supercoolkay,

Thanks for the proposal and patience,

I second most of the things raised by Lorraine and I’ll add some extra thoughts:

  • The previous events you have organised are on the Creative side of things. I’d be curious to know whether there has been any follow up on those. Primarily, what I’d like to know is how these past experience in Creatives field can translate into an event targeted at Developers.
  • I would also like to know more about the developers landscape in Nigeria. Namely, where are these developers now and are there other ways in which we can target them in a more systematic way: can they access the existing edcucation resources on NEAR? Are there regular web3 meetups in Lagos? Why doesn’t NEAR have either an existing presence within existing web3 communities or running our own?

Overall, I believe that the appropriate thing to do would be to have smaller but more frequent events where we can target the desired communities. I would be willing to consider a much smaller initiative at a much lower price point.

At this time, I am unable to support this proposal. I am willing and able to work with you and anyone else in the region to ideate how a smaller series of events may look like.

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