Web 3 delight event

Web 3 Delight Event

The Near x ART Dao and I was invited to grace this web3 and crypto enlightenment seminar happening on the 29th of July 2022. I would be speaking at this event and pitching some of the ideas of Near and what we are building. Please see the official invitation letter here

press release for web 3 delight

I would not want to limit this event to just the Near x Art Dao members, but the entire creatives Dao members based in Lagos.

So, for this event, we want to the represent Near in the best possible by doing the following.
• 20 Branded shirts with Near & Near x Art logo on it $200: $10 For each shirt. An estimate of 20 to 30 attenders from the creatives in the ecosystem.

• Transportation $100: We will hire a bus of 20 seaters that will take us there.

• Photography $70: We will need the service of a photographer

• Snacks $40:
Total : $410


  • Promote the near eco system to over 500 to 1,000 event attenders
  • It will service as an avenue for community members know more about web 3 and its attributes
  • Connect and meet with prospective art collectors and buyers for our store.
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