[REPORT] Victor Gonçalves - Poliedro Residency

Great experience!!!

Thanks Incubator team, namely @JulianaM @Samiasns @frnvpr @mecsbecs , it was a really important experience. I don’t have it, I mean, it wasn’t close to new digital media. The residency program showed that it is possible to bring new possibilities to my artistic research. This enriches and enhances my vocabulary.
But, not everything is perfect… Friday in midsummer having a meeting at 8pm was a big sacrifice, but it was worth the effort!
Meus muitos parabéns!
Obrigado pessoal!


haha yeah next times we will certainly think better about the dates/times! Friday night was not the best solution for sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thank you for your report and we feel happy knowing that this experience enriched your artistic vocabulary :slight_smile: