[REPORT] Hugo Lami - Poliedro Residency

( hugolamip.near )

Dear IncubadoraPT DAO, thank you so much for this opportunity, it was amazing to see how so many of us choose to be users rather than merely viewers. With so much content being created the Incubadora created a chance not only to create but also think about this content.
Unfortunately not being physically present with the community I wasn’t able to engage as much as I would have liked, this proves that even though the digital is so important we still have to connect physically. It was an amazing journey through so much different knowledge and it certainly woke a will to dive further into the subjects of our digital culture. Initiatives like this not only promote the participants it also bonded them to each other and to a community of like-minded people. I missed two sessions as I became very busy towards the end, but I can’t wait for the next one where I would certainly give more of my time and focus. Poliedro to the Infinity and Beyond!


Thank you so much for your report! I agree that it opened up our minds to think more about the digital culture and how we can relate to that :blush: Hope to collaborate more in the future :v: