[REPORT] Natália Loyola - Poliedro Residency!

Dear Near People, first of all, I want to thank you guys, for having the opportunity to be part of the artistic residency. I think the most important thing is that relationships from many “taxonomies” were born, just because of residency. The relationships were born there and have already created legs to walk alone. This, for me is already a great success of the project.
I got to know other epistemologies that I’m still digesting. I believe that for each group of people, the experience will be different and because of that, the Poliedro will have an ever-changing shape, which is wonderful and rich. My tip is that for the next one, think about a program with technical aspects and reflections on art in the same measure. Long life for Poliedro and let the new “Poliedres” come!


Thanks a lot for your report and for being so present and involved! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We learned a lot with each other and your contributions were super important for us! Always looking for this balance you are mentioning :slight_smile: I’m sure next times Poliedro will get to another level :heart_eyes:

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