[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - May 2022

Monthly Report - May 2022

It’s been go go go for the Rare Vandal! With almost the entire month of May spent in Tokyo making connections and collaborations I close out the month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

This month has been really productive IRL and not so much online. The community hasn’t grown much or been that active and we still have some projects pending, but we have some really cool stuff lined up for next month!

Project Updates:

NFT Beat Club #1

The first NFT Beat Club event in Tokyo was a big hit! We had roughly 40 people pass through, with 24 new wallets created 25 NFTs distributed from our Mintbase account.

It’s our intension to plan the next one for mid July in conjunction with some other NFT events happening in the city.

Rare Vandal x Edofuku Collaboration

I had an intensive 2 hour onboarding session for my Collaboration with Edofuku. Secured his wallet, showcased the Mintbase store and now I’m waiting for him to set up a Bitflyer exchange account so that he’s able to move funds easily in and out.

We discussed the look and feel of the collabo and things are about to kick off for the artwork.

VanCHAN Song - Cover Art Remix

Had a lot of fun rewarding some of our VanCHAN creators with the Cover Art Remix project. 2 of the 3 remixes have been complete and waiting on the 3rd. I’ve received word that a music video is also being created by The Tune!

VanDAO Studio - May Lineup

Our May lineup of DJs from Plantasia in our VanDAO studio in Lisbon has been flowing nicely. We had to switch up the day of the week to make it easier for people to attend both in-world and via the Twitch stream and have some upgrades to the studio planned for June.

Other Notables:

  • Progress is bring made in Tokyo for more projects planned for July.
  • I’m in Malaysia now getting ready for more events in June (see proposal coming soon)
  • Lost quite a bit of value in NEAR from the May payout as it came in at the peak $7.50 and now Near is just over $5.00 :frowning:

Appreciate the support as always!

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