[Approved] VanDAO Monthly Funding - June 2022


June is here and we are already half way through the year! I’ll be spending the month in Malaysia doing some fun activities here! Check out our May report for what went down last month here [Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - May 2022

Council Members:

Blood - @vandal
Sweat - Still Available
Tears - Still Available
Crew - Los Vandalitos

Council - @Sleezy_Moss @GeminiRising
Members - @AugustKinge @Mofl13 @plantasia

Membership NFTs are LIVE Paras, read the Publication!



Total Requested Funding Amount:

$4,450 + 10 N

Projects & Timelines:

Spacesuit Apocalypse Live

VanDAO has come on as a sponsor for the next SoundSplash NFT drop featuring Vandal & DJ Lethal Skillz. This request is to help cover the costs of our 4 guest performers + Dj Set and for onboarding those who don’t yet have Near wallets.
Request = $500

Rare Vandal x Samtoshi Comic PFP Project

With this project having been in preparation for months and approval from Tenk to collaborate for a release when complete, we are preparing this official proposal to move things into the next phase.
Request = $750

Music NFT Workshops - Malaysia

During the month of June I’ll be hosting two Music NFT Workshops in Malaysia. One in Kuching and the other in Langkawi
Request = $200 + 10 N

VanDAO Studio - June Lineup

Continuing our collaboration with @plantasia to bring the VanDAO Studio to life stay tuned for our June lineup!
Request - $2500

DAO Facilitation = $500

Additional Metrics:

  • Spacesuit Apocalypse went down last night with the live performance from Drum Asia with roughly 25 attendees. Most have Near wallets, but those who didn’t will be receiving one via Neardrop links. The 2 artists who performed without wallets were onboarded and added to our growing music community on NEAR.
  • With the Rare Vandal x Samtoshi Comic PFP Project the funding will cover 2 months of preparations, after which we will have the the layout for all the artwork, the storyline evolved and ready to compile into a website (or NearHub) format in August. Then launch in September. It’s our first PFP project for VanDAO, so this is going to become one of our primary vehicles toward sustainability for the DAO.
  • Next week is our first Music NFT Workshop in Kuching, Malaysia. We expect 20+ participants and it’s a part of a larger event in collaboration with HAUS Kuching so there’s an opportunity to reach a wider audience. There will be another workshop in Langkawi focused on creative and music community there, I feel like people in the smaller towns and cities can benefit greatly. This is scheduled for the 27th June also with about 20 attendees.
  • Working with Plantasia over the last few months to manage and operate the VanDAO Studio in Lisbon at Arroz Creativo we should be able to obtain additional metrics from them for June. They have been running livestreams via their Twitch and are onboarding DJs each week through the sessions. We are working toward a sustainable business model for the studio, which we hope to establish in September once upgrades are made to the space.

Additionally, I’ve been in touch with NEAR Malaysia and am planning more stuff with them in the coming months. We plan on working closely together in preparation for the the Malaysia Regional Hub.

Thank you for considering our June 2022 funding proposal and the work we have been doing to grow the NEAR creative ecosystem across the planet! :pray: :heart:


owh man, Music NFT workshop in my hometown, exciting plan for June. Looking forward for the success of it. :v:

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Will you be heading back there? Do let the homies know!

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when is it bro, need to check the ticket price first :sweat_smile:

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13th June! Or… Jom Langkawi end of the month lah!


langkawi sounds awesome, can meet Joe PV there :v:

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Just tagging @creativesdao-council here for feedback


hey @vandal can you please add metrics for success in the Proposal?

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Sure thing, I’ll add it in now. Thanks for the heads up @Monish016


Hey, @vandal Thank you for the Wonderful proposal we would love to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thanks Monish and Creatives DAO fam!