[REPORT] UPDATE workshop experience design for nft


Hello! I’m bringing information on the progress of the project created in October to start November, but we had the reset period in November, the payout was only made at the end of the first week of December(it wasn’t a problem, no worries about this normal delay). As soon as the project budget was in my wallet, I instantly started the project. The first step was to pay for the Web Server service for just one month, on December 11, to place all the files available in the virtual reality environment.
Remembering that on January 11th the server service will be done. The server invoice follows below.
Invoice-6DFC5808-0002.pdf (39.8 KB)

The curation process of this first workshop had the criterion of bringing only renowned female artists. Most women are in the age group between 90 and 30 years. We know that the highest percentage of NFT performers are men. So I thought it’s best to include women in technological vulnerability.
With the great artistic repercussion, we are in progress with 19 artists from Brazil and Canada.

With this cultural and age mix, we’re promoting a dynamic of 1 NFT in artistic duos, promoting co-authorship and explanation about the division of royalties, demystifying the smart contracts.

I created and pay 6,5 N for a mintbase store to organize the workshop report:

The biggest difficulty was to circumvent the 3 weeks of recess, which are the end of the year parties and the first week of January.

We established a deadline to finalize the workshop, the date is 31th January 2022.


The concern of the workshop is in the empowerment of these women, taking them out of technological vulnerability, generating an educational, social and cultural benefit. At that moment, everyone is safe to navigate the metaverses, NearHubs and 3XR VR spaces.
I would like to make it clear that the store created in mintabase (Techne) was created with my own investment of 6.5 NEAR and all artists participating in the workshops are registered in the Techne store and are not obliged to pay fees or share royalties for the store.
One of the dynamics of the workshop was about the shopping experience in the workshop stores. I created the NFTs for the amount of 0.0001 NEAR so that they understand the NFTs purchase process and can be well articulated in the sales process, in addition to leaving the workshop with NFTs in their wallets and selling them in the future.
This artistic immersion that’s happening within Telegram is very enriching for all of us. The VR classroom about Experience Design for NFT, worked like a charm !
This workshop ended up encompassing the concept of artistic residency with mentoring.
I am very satisfied.
On the 31st I will send all the links of the nfts produced and create a voting system for all these nfts.techne.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

The 3 most voted will win the value of 10NEAR, totaling 30 NEAR of prizes.

I would like to thank all the councils present, NEAR core and the team at The Clan who believed in me and in my proposal, allowing me to propose such an intense and meaningful workshop!
Grateful, I will never forget this transformative moment in our lives!