[PROPOSAL] fraDAO infrastructure for our projects - February -2022

Project: Web Infrastructure

Atelier Techne Studio GUILD
Guild: atelier-techne-studio-guild.sputnik-dao.near

DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

council: frado.near hiimf.near

Report of th last project: [REPORT] UPDATE workshop experience design for nft

@David_NEAR @JulianaM @frnvpr @marianeu @Dacha @cryptocredit

Hello everyone ! May we have an amazing 2022.
I shared my 2022 roadmap before creating this January proposal. Basically it is the infrastructure with a web server and graphics/branding arts services to start the creative projects of 2022.

To organize the year 2022 of creative projects, we will need this amount start:

Web Server Opalstack VPS FOR LANDING PAGE AND WORKSHOP: 212 USD annually include *fees of 6% (iof) to MasterCard (international fee purchase)
Domain : $69 *
Bounty for a Logo creation - fraDAO: 150 USD
Bounty for a Logo creation - Atelier Techne Studio Guild: 150 USD
Canvas PRO: 127 USD annually *include international fee pruchase
Landing page:
1.1 Design (banner, menu, features, roadmap, buttons, footer etc): 300 USD

1.2 Art Director/manager: 550 USD

1.3 Design/PHP/html implementation and server administration: 400 USD

1.4 Audio Plugin: 50 USD

If anyone has any questions, I’m available to clarify.
If you want to know some of my work, I recommend the site:

Total February Requested Funding Amount: 2.008 USD




Hi @vandal @NxM , have a great year 2022.
I created this annual roadmap and shared it here on NF.
in the month of May, I would like to create an audio workshop for the NxM community. I would like to know if I could share my skills with your community?
What kind of audio workshop would be interesting within NxM? audio repair, mix, mastering?
What is the greatest need for technical learning within NxM?
I would like to know if there is a possibility of creating a workshop for the NxM community, during the months of May, June and July. I have an onboarding music workshop in mind in June and July to bring Brazilian and Canadian musicians into the near NxM music community. Having dedicated my whole life to the arts, including music, I would like to onboard Brazilian and Canadian musicians at NEAR, what do you think of all this?
I’m open to your suggestions, I have a lot of respect for your trajectory and any matter related to music, I should talk to you and NxM.
Cheers :dizzy: :musical_score: :musical_note: :radio:


Thanks @frado I’m tagging the incoming council as I’m taking a backseat from the leadership roles @Paul @Monish016 @nullzero check it out!


Hey Mate ! Love the energy and idea of Audio workshop! I would love to support for this idea. But I feel we will have a connect with the community and understand the requirements before agreeing to any terms here ! Also yes, you can always share your skills with Nxm community that is how every community grow and evolve ! Join us on telegram.

Thoughts @Paul @nullzero


Hi @Monish016, i’m inside NxM telegram since oct of 2021. :slight_smile:
Take your time to analyze this future propouse.
If need something to clarify, ask me.
I’m here to support our ecosystem.
You are welcome!


@whoiscavenaghi how are you?
if the roadmap is approved, I will need marketing services in a few months. Would it be possible to count on you in one of these months?


Sure! Looking forward! Just let me know… :blush:


I will talk with @dacha too, for future bounties of marketing.
I prefer to use our Marketing ecosystem than create other Marketing DAO to do the same work.
Now i´ll wait to approve.


Sounds like a great idea. What kind of workshops are planned? Apologies if I missed an attachment or more information.

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Hi @nullzero, i’d like to support a workshop for our ecosystem. Need to be more interesting to NxM users. Maybe i need to know about the level of our users. We can make call to create a brainstorm, and decide together?

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Wooow Beatiful proposal

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Hi @Natashacremonese Thanks, you are welcome!

Hey @nullzero @Monish016 @Paul I got i nice propose to audio workshop, i will send to you ASAP.

Thanks for additions tags @frnvpr ! #fra-dao
Do you have any criticisms or suggestions for the roadmap?

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Hey hey! Looks super interesting! :smiley:


@frnvpr grateful !
I’m here to better serve the ecosystem, be transparent, honest and learn to follow the rules, glad you liked it.
Thanks for support.


Hi, @frnvpr @David_NEAR i need to make more something? maybe a propose for a quarter is better?
Estou com uma quantidade de pessoas esperando o meu ok para abrir as inscrições e convites para o workshop. estou sem saber o que fazer diante da comunidade.

Hi, @frnvpr @David_NEAR i need to make more something? maybe a proposal for a quarter is better?
I have a lot of people waiting for my ok to open the registrations and invitations for the workshop. i don’t know what to do in front of the community.

hey @frado

I think the first step is clarifying who are you requesting this funds to.

If it’s the Creatives DAO Vertical, then you can proposal for February. If that is the case, please tell me so I can change the tags. Then, the proposal would be approved or not approved by the council, which at this time are several DAOs. No individual can approve or not approve this proposal.

If this is a marketing proposal, then David and Dasha are the right people for you to engage with.

I think that both Creatives and Marketing DAO only engage with MONTHLY proposals, so the roadmap is a great way of presenting your plans, but the proposal itself has to be presented on a month by month basis, so some sort of request+report cycle can be implemented.

in my opinion, it’s nor particularly useful to tag a lot of people from various Verticals or other community members without having clear on who is supposed to analyse it.

There a bunch of guidelines to help with this process: Search results for 'guide #creatives:creatives-dao' - NEAR Forum

It’s also the community managers (in the case of the Creatives DAO) or the council (in the case of the Marketing DAO) to help you in this process, so please ask whatever questions you have, at all times.

The Creatives DAO community TG channel is also a wonderful way of getting assistance, either from community managers or from the community in general.

Today, the 27th of January, is before any of those managers even engage with new proposals (usually, in the case of the Creatives DAO, they come at the beginning of the month), so it’s normal that you had no quick answer.

Thank you for your patience.


Perfect @frnvpr ! thanks for a reply.
i understood! You got a reason.
I will create a new proposal for February with this additional infrastructure, in the correct moment with corrects tags and information.
Thanks Bro
:fist_right: :fist_left: :pray:
You was an angel!


A pleasure to help! And you know, reach how to the community managers at any time, either in here or in the telegram group. We have portuguese, spanish, english, german, and a few other languages, so if you feel engaging with someone in a specific language, just let us know!


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