[PROPOSE] Workshop XP Desing for NFT - fra-DAO - March -2022

Workshop Experience Designer for NFT and Art assistance - March - 2022.

Hi Creative DAO,

Name: Frado

Account: frado.near

frado.near @frado
hiimf.near @hiimf
raissa.near @raissalaban

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

The March “workshop” edition of the Experience design for NFT + Art Assistance will support our Artistic multigenaration community and new member via onboading system using:


After onboarding, The second step of the workshop is inside a virtual reality environment, which we use as a classroom, besides all participants having 24/7 access, they always end up attracting new people to this virtual room and promoting our network. The importance of starting in this VR environment, is that we need to know about this at the end of the workshop, because we have a virtual gallery generated by mintbase/3XR, at mintbase store. It is very satisfying to arrive at the end of the workshop and see our ancients accessing these exhibition galleries, from mintbase, without needing any help, since this workshop prepares for the metaverse as well. In this propose, we want to leave mozilla hubs plataform and migrate to nearhubs.near

Week 01:

Outreach, curation, onboarding of 1NEAR and DISCORD invites.

Week 02 (add Art Assistance):

04 meetings totaling 10 hours of experience design workshop inside the metaverse nearhubs

Begin the DISCORD dynamics, where we will have activities related to the creative process, web3 questions, information about the NEAR protocol, REF finance, PARAS, PLUMINITE, MINTBASE and the experience design pillars.

Week 03 (add Art Assistance):

Creative process and art direction on Marketplaces: PARAS; PLUMINITE and MINTBASE.

Week 04:

MINT process on the 03 platforms PARAS; PLUMINITE; MINTBASE and talk about sales, extension and marketing.

To facilitate the report, We will create this dynamic:
After the participating made the 3 MINT of the NFTs in our 3 stores, will be creating a remix from a graphic image by fra-DAO, with the NEAR logo and with the phrase written on that card that will have to be minted in PARAS: “workshop of XP Design for NFT - FEB-2022” , the artist will have to remix this NFT and write over the card with his artistic name and near account. The artists who complete this action and mint at PARAS, we will buy for 1 Near that minted NFT, this will serve as a Workshop certificate and help in the monthly report. Then these purchased NFTs will be sending to the fra-DAO, at AstroDAO, further facilitating the proof of execution of the project.
like this simple example:

I believe this is a nice way to create a collaborative and consistent community within our ecosystem.

Value: 2300 USD