[Report] Tulum Community

Hi Education and Near hispano community.

I want to share with you all the great news that we finally agreed completely to keep on going with the AstroDAO on Near for TulumCoin voting and funding process. Its hasn’t been easy to try to make some crypto people the Near technology, and not saying about the non crypto people… But we are getting there and with all the presentations that we did in different events, the onboarding (first with getting them us some near, then with the bancambios qr code and now with the satori link) we are feeling that the Near is getting more near jejej

I will tagg the reports that we did with @thisisfah as we where working together with the videos and the process of the NFT bases, creation and agreements with artist so next month we will be just focused on the NFT minting from the artists in Tulum.

Fah report

My last report from a week ago

i also onboarded
More women in crypto wich also will be getting a DAO soon on Near ecosystem and some NFTs too

Im exited to see what can we build once we get more and more from the community here on the Near ecosystem!

Blessing to this new cycle!

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