[Report] Educational Videos June 2022

“Report from Tulum Community Fellowship program (Near hispano)”

Project title: Educational Videos

Creation of a series of educational videos.

Hello Near Community!!!

I want to share some work we have done in the past weeks!
Education is basically the reason why we all are here, I think that education is the key to expand our world.
All the behavior, thoughts, ideas, actions, are completely different when there is educations.
That is why we are doing a series of educational videos in Spanish with the intention of educate as many people in LATAM

So with that been said a very cool way to help educate people, communities etc… are with “Educational Videos” for many reasons.
That is why we are making short cool, educational videos explaining in a simple way how to use Near services like wallets, DAO, proposals, NFT among others.

I am very proud to share the videos that @Cryptocoatl and me @thisisfah have made

Video 1: “How to open a wallet in Near”

Video 2 “how to make a proposal in Astro DAO”

I am so excited with this educational video project and I am looking forward for July where we will create many other videos, we want to educate through a very simple, visual and fun way. Hoping to make Near’s family much bigger in LATAM :slight_smile:

I want to thank Near cause thanks to this kind of fellowships we can increase the education in LATAM (where is very needed)

Happy to talk to you all


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