[Report] Tulum Team

Hi Near hispano community!
Im going to share with you the weekly report (of the last 2weeks) jeje we have been pretty bussy doing On land work, because as you know, our project is to connect Tulum Community to this web3.0 - blockchain systems. We have a pretty large crypto community here, but who we want to engage is the locals, give them the tools, education and access to this technologies.

From TulumCoin we will give incentives for doing good to our town, such as the massive clean up we did last weekend.

I leave you here the video that we did for it

Massive clean up TulumCoin

we opened Near wallets with a NFT from TulumCoin for the local community.

And we presented the advance on the PhD process and everything we are working on for TulumCoin with the community of Tulum Crypto Club on our weekly Wednesday meeting, everyone is super exited and looking forward to the App to have everyone on it, Hotels, restaurants, locals, tourist, everyone to have a voice for what they think Tulum needs and be able to do something together about it.

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