[REPORT] Travel Podcast

Project Name: Travel Podcast

Project Status: [In Progress]

Updated Project Timeline: First 2 episodes completed (December), 12 more to go until the end of June.


During the month of December I created the very first two episodes of my brand new travel podcast called: “Zephiro - viaggi dentro e fuori dai libri”.

In order to build up the first episode (which will be called #Episodio 0 as it is a presentation and therefore is shorter than the other ones), I started writing the script, where the idea was to introduce the podcast to my listeners, explaining its purpose and intentions, defining what people will listen to, why and how this idea was born and who is the author.

Then I composed a “jingle”, that is the music intro and outro which identifies the podcast, trying to give it a light breeze though slightly melancholic feeling, but also a sense of hope and imagination, leading people to depict far and distant lands where they can wander through and get lost.

All along the narrating voice, I embedded small music pieces and sound effects which help the audience have a full listening experience while enjoying the story told.

When it came to create the second episode (which will go under the name of #Episodio 1), the stakes were higher, as we are talking about almost 20 minutes of spoken voice, music and sounds.

The travel book I decided to talk about here is “My Journey to Lhasa” by Alexandra David Néel (in the Italian translation).

As my workflow commands, I first wrote the script, trying to alternate between an explanation of the story and some quotes from the book that I specifically chose to most inspire my listeners. Here the idea is to always have an engaging script and to raise the interest of the audience through a catchy and appealing storytelling.

In the second place I carried out the recording of the voice, leaving the composition of music and creation of sounds to the next step. These are inspired by the country where the story is set (in this case it is Tibet) and, here again, have been embedded all along the narration to help the audience enjoy a full listening experience.

The most important things I learnt in the process are related to my workflow, that is to say what are the things that need to be done in the first place and what can be adjusted in the end, as well as how to overcome technical problems in the music software I work with (Logic Pro X).

There are still quite a few improvement areas, such as postproduction and sound engineering, but I am confident the more episodes I make, the better things will roll along.

Next Steps:
Now, the idea is to have 4 episodes ready before the launch (as per original plan), so my forecast is to launch the podcast on all platforms in the middle of February and then to publish one every two weeks, until the end of June.

Links and Images:
Here you can listen to private links of the two first episodes:

Episode 0: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Episode 1: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Needless to say, these are “secret” links, as the podcast is not out yet and they still need some adjustments in terms of mixing and mastering (that is why I recommend hearing with headphones).

Hope you enjoy!


How exciting it is to travel… Podcasts are a mechanism and a tool for good communication, so this is a fantastic and exciting idea! :airplane:


Awesome work!

Now I wish I spoke italian :blush:

Can’t wait for this project to reach the world!