[REPORT] Travel podcast - April

Project Name: Travel Podcast

Project Status: [In Progress]

Updated Project Timeline: First 5 episodes completed and launched

During the month of April, I worked on the 5th episode (called 4th episode on the platforms as I started from episode 0), completing the editing, mixing, launch and advertisement.
The book I chose to talk about in this episode was “Border” by Kapka Kassabova, in the Italian translation.
It is a book that is set at the border between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey and it follows the journey of an author who went back to the places of her childhood after many years, recalling the times of the Cold War. The book is filled with ancient stories, myths and legends, where sometimes strange and inexplicable events take place and it is hard to distinguish between reality and imagination.

The choice of this book also had to do with the current events, since refugees and war are a recurring theme that make us reflect on the cyclical nature of history.

During this month I also wrote the script of the upcoming 6th episode (which will talk about Morocco) and recorded some sounds that I plan to use – specifically rain, wind and sand.

As far as promotion is concerned I kept the social media pages alive, with pictures and community engagement, also boosting the FB channel with paid advertisement.

I also took a lot of time sending the link of the 5th episode to all people who showed interest in the podcast since the beginning.

As I will soon be in Italy, I planned together with my graphic designer to make some flyers/cards with the podcast logo, link and QR code and hand them out in the travel bookshops of Turin and Milan, as for now the Italian audience is my main target.

During this month I learned that my very first plan of having 2 episodes done per month was very ambitious, considering the amount of work it takes and the care I put in each episode in terms of quality. So I am happy to finalize one podcast per month, which includes the writing of the script, music composition, recording of the voice, recording of the music, recording of the sound effects, editing the whole episode, mixing, exporting, publishing, scouting for the right pictures for social media, launching, engaging with people and advertising.

I am happy that my workflow is now completely clear and functioning and the response has been very good so far.

Even if slightly later than planned, I am already actively thinking about the English version of the podcast, which I still intend to start around September/October.

Next Steps:
Working on the next episodes and creating an even more structured promotional plan.

Links and Images:
Here is the official link > @zephiropodcast | Linktree

As always, for an immersive experience, please listen with headphones!

Thanks 