[REPORT] Travel podcast - February

Project Name: Travel Podcast

Project Status: [In Progress]

Updated Project Timeline: First 4 episodes completed and launched

During the month of February, I worked extensively on the 4th episode, completing the editing and mixing. The book I chose to talk about in this episode was “Nine Lives” by William Dalrymple in the Italian translation and the country it is set in is India.

I also filled in the program/schedule for the rest of the episodes until June, but, most importantly, on 25th of February I finally launched my podcast on all platforms!

The launch took a lot of work and the steps I followed were the following:

  • Upload all episodes and subscribe to a podcast platform which has allowed me to be present on the following directories: Spotify, Apple (iPodcast), Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Deezer and Podcast Index.
  • Create a Youtube channel and be present there as well for people who are not members of the above mentioned directories and who also would like to follow the podcast with automated subtitles provided by Youtube
  • Create a Patreon website so that listeners can actively contribute to the making of the podcast and planning the creation of special contents for the audience
  • Create Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as daily content (copies and images) to promote the podcast
  • Photo shooting for promotion and selection of final Logo and images to be used, together with the graphic designer
  • Promoting the podcast everyday on social media, among friends and through payed adds.
  • Writing all the descriptions of the episodes to go with the uploaded contents on all platforms
  • Create a LinkTree page where all the above-mentioned links are present

During this month I learned how to create an artistic “presence” on different platforms and on social media, also working as a social media manager for the launch and the promotion of the podcast.

Overall I received a very good feedback and this encouraged me even more to continue with the project and to start with the English version in September, so that even more people will be able to listen to it.

I also received important feedback on how to improve some technical aspects in the next episodes, which will allow me to enhance the overall quality and therefore the listening experience.

Next Steps:
Working on the next episodes, creating an even more structured promotional plan and trying to improve something in each episode.

Links and Images:
Here is the official link to the podcast, finally public: @zephiropodcast | Linktree

As always, for an immersive experience, please listen with headphones!

Thanks 