[REPORT] Svara DAO - Funding Proposal for April, May, June - 2023

I. General Info

Svara DAO on Astro DAO

Svara DAO On BOS

Current balance: $112.92

Link to previous proposal:

[Approved] Svara DAO - Funding Proposal for April, May, June - 2023

Project Report

Project 1 Svara DAO Music Compilation

EN_KA, Dhani Genstop – Nasi Hati

Karen Pooroe, Conrad Goodvibration – Klik Klik Klik

Cécil, Only1Bizzy – On Ur Mind

Jay Yen - Tank

Pandji Pragiwaksono, Tuantigabelas, DJ Cruzzy – Satria Piningit

Jayko, Jims Wong – Silahkan

Sean AZ – N We On

Ras Muhamad, Andre Dinuth – Gun Powder

Jessina, Gabriel – Boju Boju

Wizzow, Aldisyah – Kasih

Edgar Tauhid, Albert Fakdawer – Karena Kurasa

Kojek, Okeng - Ngopi

Jay Yen - TANK (Official Music Video)

In making this music video, we received support from an Indonesian boxing legend named Chris John

And we get sponsor support from ELSAVAJE

This album was released on 24 DSPs, including Spotify, iTunes, Tik Tok Music, YouTube Music, etc musikbagus.id

And we released a special edition single on musicfeast.io tier 1 to tier 2


Tier 1 - Audio NFT - this audio NFT will unlock your discord and the rest of the collection (tiers 2 to 6). This is a low cost high volume tier.

Tier 2 - music video - this NFT will unlock a music video and be more limited then the number of people in the community to start a resellers economy.

Tier 3 - merch - this NFT will represent some sort of merch. When the ticket is redeemed, it will trigger an order process and the merch will be delivered to whoever burned the NFT.

Tier 4 - merch - this will be a bit higher quality and less quantity. But works the same as tier 3.

Tier 5 - royalties - this NFT will represent a portion of the songs traditional revenue. We cap this at 40 editions each representing one percent. 10 percent goes to administration and 50 percent is retained by the artist.

Tier 6 - this NFT will be a one of one auction item. This will be a physical collectible.

Photo during the mixing session

Svara DAO entrusted Duo Celot to create and develop the characters in the NFT Music Album from Svara @duOCELOT

Project 2 Svara DAO web3 education at the IMEX (4-7 May 2023)

Project 2 for IMEX has been postponed to 21-24 September 2023, due to changes in policy from the ministry of education and culture for the IMEX event, the plan is for me and @ceciliaa12 to be speakers here (artist talk)


Fikardzul is a mass media coordinator in Indonesia, he works as special staff to the presidency of the Republic of Indonesia in the field of MSMEs (micro/small/medium enterprises)

We also created a link for people to open a new near wallet and get free NFTs, just by scanning the barcode from shard.dog

Project 3 Svara DAO Mansion NEAR HUB

[PROPOSAL] Project 3 Svara DAO Mansion NEAR HUB for Desember 2022 & Januari 2023 - Creatives - NEAR Forum

Pay off Near Hub 3/3 for Rumah Svara

NFT - Google Spreadsheet

Data source from the Filipino Artists Guild @midofrbs @gmachines

Project 4 SEJAMAN by SvaraDAO

because there are several similar events, the prizes of which are bigger than this event and have the theme of music competitions in the holy month of Ramadan, we are stopping this event in 3 weeks and we are replacing it with this event which we will hold on September 17th

We collaborate with the Seru Bekasi

8 new near wallets for rap battle participants using keypom.xyz

Internal Interaction with NEAR dapps



Activities are focused on artists’ support

Giant Alive Assembly | NEAR Hub Online

We made an NFT exhibition at the South East Asian Hub with the Filipino Artist Guilds, there were 28 visitors, from our community plus representatives from the chairman of the Indonesian arts and culture council, namely Prof. Franki Raden and Saat Borneo.

Sustainable & DAO growth


  • SvaraDAO Compilation Album
    Music NFT on Web3 with Mintbase and Release on Web2 digital music store.
  • IMEX (Indonesian Music Expo)
    Workshop and Seminar on Blockchain NEAR Protocol in Bali
  • SEJAMAN growing community for onboarding musicians in Indonesia or South East Asia
  • Launching of Svara DAO Mansion NEAR HUB

External world engagement




Youtube Music


Apple music


Amazon Music




Activities and Payment

The Svara album is in the process of promoting the album to radio stations in Indonesia
A beautiful collection of NFT images and overall high-quality content from the Svara Dao brand

Community engagement:














We always update our latest developments and news on Telegram, with members now 320



Promoting 3 songs in NEAR APAC from the album Svara, Wizzow as DJ




Learn to manage time, because to create an event we have to anticipate, if in the future there is a situation to make a plan B

Looking for various sponsors to support our event

In real life (IRL), events are often organized to foster a sense of community and bring people together. These events aim to create opportunities for individuals to connect, engage, and build relationships with others who share similar interests or goals. By embracing the concept of IRL events, communities can strengthen their bonds and promote a sense of belonging among their members. Such events can take various forms, including social gatherings, workshops, conferences, or even volunteer activities. The ultimate goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals can actively participate and contribute to the community.

Next steps

Continue to promote our Svara Album

will create an IRL event

Collaboration between DAOs

Create an entry ticket by generating NFT

Accommodating artists and musicians in Indonesia to join the Creatives community


I can say, this is the first proper Recorded Album released on-chain in Indonesia

Need more exposure and pumping news about this