[PROPOSAL] Project 1 Svara DAO Music Compilation (April-May-June 2023)

Project 1 - Svara DAO Music Compilation


Music is present in everyone’s life, from lively music festivals to keeping someone company on a quiet night, music will always be heard. Of course music doesn’t just appear, nor is it produced without an actual crew or team behind it. In fact, producing individual songs is probably one of the most laborious and enjoyable processes. With my experience in the music industry for 20 years, for this compilation project I invite musicians who have a good reputation and have fans.

The Svara DAO team and I asked to collaborate with Musik Bagus, one of the best music labels in Indonesia, which was founded by legendary singer Glenn Fredly (RIP). Where their artists have won many awards in the Indonesian music industry in recent years. And Music Bagus Record was interested in my idea of releasing a compilation on web2 and web3, they will help us to promote it to Indonesian radio stations & media interviews.

Musik Bagus Website

Our achievements in Indonesian Music

Musik Bagus is currently managed by Glenn Fredly’s Little Brother and Cousin

After our songs in the compilation album are finished, we will look for sponsors to support this compilation project. One of them is making a street basketball-themed song with the target of local basketball shoe sponsors LEAGUE

For the next single, we will make a song about Eastern Indonesia and it will be released on September 7th, Ambon City of Music birthday. The target sponsor is the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Confirmed Artist

Pandji Pragiwaksono

Youtube Pandji


Youtube Dycal


Youtube Jayko

Karen Pooroe

Epo dFenomeno

Youtube Epo dFenomeno



Edgar Tauhid


Youtube Conrad Goodvibration

Soul ID Wikipedia

Soul ID

Unconfirmed Artists


Ras Muhamad

Youtube Ras Muhamad

Tuan Tiga Belas

Youtube Tuan Tiga Belas

Jeri Taufik

Youtube Jeri Taufik


Does not rule out if there are artists who are unable to attend will be replaced by other artists.

Expected outcome

  • Introducing the web3 world under Near Protocol in Indonesia

  • Building positive sentiment by highlighting NEAR as the best technology in entertainment and music.

  • Making hit songs with artists who already have a good reputation in the Indonesian music industry, and continue to play these songs on radio in various parts of Indonesia. this will reach people to join Svara DAO and onboarding in the Near Ecosystem.

  • Music NFT Release on Mintbase with slightly different arrangements from the regular compilation album tracks on web2. The songs on the compilation album were included in the nominations for the Indonesia Music Awards.

  • Each artist was asked to promote their songs on the Svara DAO compilation album to fans on social media or on stage.

  • Target the web 2 community and fans, bring them to the NEAR, through the songs included in the compilation.

  • Getting sponsors to support this album.

  • With the Music Video we hope that more people will join Svara DAO and the Near Ecosystem, artists will wear Near logo clothing.

  • Launched album in Metaverse Svara DAO Mansion (Rumah Svara).

Activities & Timelines

  • Music Arrangement (20 March - 12 April 2023)

  • Records & Songs produced part. I (13 - 21 April 2023)

  • Production stopped for 5 days because Indonesia is celebrating Eid al-Fitr and people in Indonesia are going on a long holiday (22 - 26 April 2023)

  • Records & Songs produced part. II (27 April - 12 May 2023)

  • Artwork Compilation Album Cover (28 April - 3 Mayl 2023)

  • Vocal Editing & Mixing (15 - 22 May 2023)

  • Mastering (23 - 25 May 2023)

  • Shooting Music Video 1st single (5 May 2023)

  • Album Release (12 June 2023)


Program Amount (USD)
15 Artists x $70 $1050
Music Produced $250
Studio Rent $300
Vocal Editing, Mixing & Mastering $300
Cover Artwork $100
Music Video 1st Single $300
Totals $2300

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

Svara DAO intends to be a DAO for funding multicultural art and music work on the blockchain like making concerts, seminars for education, publishing NFTs, making podcasts on Near blockchain and digitalized products from IRL events/projects.

And at the end of the day, the goal is to bring people into Near. Create more wallets, transactions and use the technology like minting NFTs, the DAO, governance forums and other apps.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal
  1. Inviting record labels to work together.

  2. Priority target Artists have followers above 5000

  3. Contact artists who have influence in the music industry.

  4. Building Chemistry with one another.

  5. Looking for a theme song that can attract market enthusiasm in Indonesia.

  6. Release on web2 (the versions on web2 and web3 are slightly different).

  7. Release on web3 with Music NFT on Mintbase & music streaming on Tamago

  8. The artists on the compilation will invite fans and listeners to onboard on NEAR.

  9. After the album release, promotion to radio in Indonesia

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

We will always promote NEAR and educate many people in Indonesia about NEAR NFT. We created a NEAR wallet for them and appealed to their enthusiasm to support musicians and artists by buying their work. Increasing the number of members into our DAO. And our plan going forward, if they buy the Music NFT that we publish, they can get merchandise from us and watch our album launch live.

Target Promotion at the biggest Hip Hop Music Festival in Indonesia

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Continuing to promote and talk about NEAR, invite us to join our NEAR and DAO community by cultivating positive sentiment while highlighting NEAR as the leading technology in the entertainment and music technology sector.

Terimakasih/Thanks, :pray:
SvaraDAO Councils


Hi @Wiswiz, thank you for the proposal

Besides the Artists stipend, other tasks like Music Produce, Vocal Editing, Mixing, Artwork & Video will be open opps or have you had in mind who will be responsible for that?

The confirmed list looks dope!


You’re welcome @williamx

Concept and Inspirational compilation albums like these two albums


Dr Dre

I titled this compilation album SVARA and all my songs as a Music Producer


For the cover artwork concept, I asked the designer to create 1 unique character for us to display as an album cover and NFT Music album. like the look of the Run DMC comic and this will really interest people who see it.

We will make a slight difference in the appearance of the cover artwork for web2 and web3.

1 15 Artists x $70 Pandji, Jayko, Dycal, Epo, Karen, Kojek, Enka, etc $1050
2 Music Produced All songs are produced by Wizzow (Me) $250
3 Studio Rent Grimstudio $300
4 Vocal Editing, Mixing & Mastering Ama Tokan He will also provide guitar strums on some of the songs on the compilation $300
5 Cover Artwork Created by BOUNTY $100
6 Music Video 1st Single Nothing has been confirmed yet, as we haven’t made the song yet, but we do have a few potential videographers $300
Totals $2300

Unconfirmed for Videographers (Candidate)

This is an example of work from Elonso

Confirm Artist

Jay Yen No Cap

Just Info:

From DAO Managements I only took $100, because I mostly focused on working hard on this compilation album, producing the entire album, only using $250 of my services. And this really saves the budget.

Because I want to contribute very well to Creatives DAO and the NEAR community