[REPORT] Social Medias - October Monthly Report - The Clan DAO

Hello! In the last month I was responsible for the management of the social medias of The Clan Dao, and this is my monthly report of the achievements.

Twitter - The Twitter account was created in September and now we have 310 followers. With around 8k impressions and 153 mentions. In this period we had 40 tweets with this engagement and analytics.


Telegram - We have 3 channels in telegram, one Main for all the members of The Clan and 2 Workshops channels, that are exclusively for the projects. This month the projects were : The Wrong and Save the Clan - AfrikaBurn. The main channel has 45 members. The workshops 18 e 23 members each.

The Clan DAO has onboarded 40 artists since middle september, and the search of new artists who wants to be part of is increasing. We expecting around 40 more artists for the next month, and we already have 5 artists on hold to enter.

Link for the main telegram The Clan DAO

Instagram - the Instagram has 217 followers and the insights of reached accounts are very good. The main goal is promote the arts of the clan DAO members and NEAR in general.


Discord - the servidor has 18 members, and wasn’t much used this month, for several reasons. But will be improved next month, including a new bounty for emojis to Discord, and the reward will be our FIRERUNE . This also will upgrade the use of the Discord. https://discord.gg/eN2XVVsd

Here we have all our links: https://lynkfire.com/theclan

Councils of The Clan DAO

Thanks for the opportunity, support and the possibility to learn everyday :pray:t2: