[REPORT] Social Medias / Marketing Projects - The Clan December 2021

Hello Marketing @marketingdao-council and Community. December was full of marketing projects inside the The Clan and this is our report:

Art2Ad - We bought 127 NEAR in Near NFTs and they were send to the DAO treasury The Cla AstroDAO Treasury NFTs, All the submissions were made by a google form Art2Ad Form

[Announcement and Parameters Art2Ad] ([ANNOUNCEMENT] ART to AD NEAR)

The Action movimented the community and gave support to 27 Near Artists. And with that a lot of new onboardings were made.

The social medias this past month had a improvement and those are the numbers:

Instagram - increased - 217 to 397 followers at the moment of the report

Twitter - increase 310 to 671 followers at the moment of the report

You in The Clan by Yourself

This project is still in progress… as soon its over we will report the 3 NFTs we bought.

Experience Design Workshop

Also this Workshop was bought 3 NFTs and they will be transfer to The Clan Treasury too. responsible for workshop @frado (the funds were already moved to responsible)

The Clan Councils:
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near
@Kynetikus - kynetikus.near

all The Clan links are available on[The Clan Lynkfire] ( https://lynkfire.com/theclan)


Awesome collection.
Have a great day.


Thanks for sharing your progress! Excited to see the Clan grow.

Are there any recordings or resources available from the Experience Design workshop? I believe this is something quite valuable and that will be relevant to many artists, specially as the NEAR ecosystem is expanding rapidly.

Thanks, AVB


Awesome Artists we have in the community! Thank you very much @Dacha ! Have a great day you too :wink:


Hello @satojandro ! The Clan philosophy is produce material for the community, so every resource and recordings will be available in our Creative Common for all who are interested. As soon its ready i will atach here the link! Until that @frado was the responsible for the Workshop and ca give you more informations about. Thank you very much for the support and interest always! :wink:

Hi @satojandro.
because of the end and beginning of the year parties, the workshop is still happening. We have 19 Brazilian/Canadian women on telegram engaged in the artistic process. The workshop started in a VR space, where they can still consult the materials and train navigation, creation and customization of their avatars. The workshop does not include recording, editing and creating a youtube channel. We would need 19 contracts signed with the release of content to the network, since in the workshop the artists raise doubts, experiences from the past, criticism of the art gallery system. The idea is to continue 3 more editions of the workshop. I hope you can make the next edits. Do you speak Portuguese?
Follow the link of the room in VR, with the content.


@satojandro ,
Continuing on The first Expereince Design for NFT workshop focused on women in a state of technological vulnerability. We have artists in their 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s and 20s. All generations of renowned women artists. It’s been incredible to bring together these great women, but as mentioned above, the workshop has the participation, doubts and experiences of these artists and at various times there were many criticisms of art galleries, criticisms of gallery owners, advice from older generations to new artists and basically there are a lot of criticisms, including criticizes Brazilian cultural and social policies. It’s very rich what’s going on, including advice from the older artists to the younger ones. But legally exposing that would generate a lawsuit for all of them and me. I don’t think it’s a good idea to record these speeches and expose these elders talking bad about the system and talking bad about the deceptions of the artistic environment, to the world. We are even living in a phase where art galleries are looking for ways to create NFTs for older artists and own authorship and just pass on the profits. This is a copyright crime and this workshop has the character of running as fast as possible with the authorship information of the NFTs to prevent our older artists from being deceived by art galleries. I already have more than 15 artists over the age of 50 looking for me to do their next workshop. We have to remedy the technological vulnerability of our elders. If you need more information, just ask.

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@whoiscavenaghi and @frado looks like you guys are making some great progress. Happy to see your report and look forward to future developments!


Thanks @cryptocredit and @satojandro .
I updated the Experience Design for NFT REPORT.
will be done at 31 of January.