[Approved] November 2021 Social Media Management budget for The Clan

Hello [Marketing Councils] and NEAR community (Marketing dao council - NEAR Forum)

As I reported here Report Social Midia October - The Clan DAO, last month I was responsible for the management of:


And I’ve noticed what work, what don’t - and the problems that’s need to be fixed on each social. So I made a project to be a better manager of The Clan Social Midias.

:white_small_square:Increase the followers (50%-100%)of Twitter and not only with numbers but with people that are interested in our content, and vice versa. Improving the engagement and the community value.
:white_small_square:Minimum of the 5 posts-week on Instagram and Twitter
:white_small_square:On Telegram I will be available 6 hours every day, but all day long I am always responding and online. Giving all the support on the main channel and helping the Workshops Channels too. Discord The Clan Main Channel
:white_small_square:Discord experience will be the main effort this month. I realize many members aren’t using, and I will make sure all of them are added there, and The Clan will make attractive bounties and projects to make it happen.

:black_small_square: Like this : Creation Season - Emojis for Discord

I will be available on Discord at least 6 hours per day, with variations of need of The Clan community - when close to projects finals the demand increase… so I will be more present, for example.

:white_small_square:Instagram - I am aiming double those followers, and showcase all the remaining NFTs of the Mintbase Store the Clan. With the tags and mentions.

:white_medium_square:This month I started a orientation for the members of The Clan in how tag the Tweets, Instagram posts, to improve the engagement, and promote better the NFTs. This month I will continue this, and also this will enhance all the numbers and reach of the socials.

:white_medium_square::white_small_square:Finished the month, me and The Clan DAO will be holding a lecture for a limited number of people to pass all the information acquired and learned during the month.

:white_small_square:I will also made a form to all members of our DAO to respond, with all that they liked and don’t, suggestions, and feedback about the management social medias of The Clan.

:white_small_square:I will ask all the insights of each The Clan member to make a full report to the community forum. Let’s see together the result of all the work done! :wink:

:white_small_square:A .pdf guide will be made based on it, and will be available for all the community for free.

-Remembering that I am with my mobile all the time, always helping the members, and also doing the approach to new members and onboard, that’s why the management of all the social are centralized. This dynamics it’s working pretty well. It’s like a support and management at same time - i think it’s important give trust to the members, and always be open to help.

-My timetable is flexible, and I am always available - all my links and contacts are here Carolina Cavenaghi Links

For this monthly job I ask the reward of 700USD

Thanks for the attention of all. Waiting forward for feedbacks.

The Clan DAO

All Links of The Clan DAO


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@David_NEAR hello! It’s my proposal ok? It’s missing something? Please let me know, ok?

Thank you very much for the attention


Pinging @marketingdao-council for review :ballot_box_with_check:

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Hi @whoiscavenaghi nice proposal with clear objectives.

IMO it is important to have a clear social marketing strategy. This helps to build awareness and visibilty - particularly in the local community.

Happy to approve @marketingdao-council


Thank you very much @cryptocredit !

Always grateful @David_NEAR :white_heart:

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Have moved this to Approved, please submit this to the MarketingDAO on Astro

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Done the proposal in AstroDao!:pray:t2:

Congratulations, proposal has just been voted through. Funds are not available in your wallet :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you take a look at my general marketing proposal please? @satojandro :blush: