[REPORT] research-the-concept-of-decentralization-on-the-web3-and-writing-an-article

Hello Nomades and DAO Creatives,

I am very pleased to present the article Decentralized Educaction: what decentralization do we want?

Approved proposal:

[Approved] Aug/Sept | Nomade Label | Research the concept of decentralization on the web3 and writing an article

This article was written with the support of Nomade Dao, not only financially, but with an intellectual support directly given by the council @Ritamaria and with the translation into English of the also council @gabrielfelipejacomel.

In monetary terms, I won the value of the ticket to the Blockchain Rio event, a big event about web3 that happened in September 2022 in the city of Rio de Janeiro/BR.

It was extremely important to talk to founders, CEOs, community builders from all over the world and realize the blockchain ecosystem as something much bigger that is causing a big revolution in the world of economy and internet.

I talked to some people about the NEAR Foundation and I could see how this protocol has been seen by the community and is growing more and more, some people curious about NEAR, others NEAR enthusiasts. How can we establish productive conversations between blockchain protocols, realizing the valuable contribution of each?

I was happy to be participating in the NEAR ecosystem, as an environmentally conscious blockchain with a decentralized and diverse forum. I am paying attention and studying the new steps Near is taking and hoping that it will become even more decentralized and diverse.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has become a hub for important meetings and hubs and has been considered the most cryptocurrency friendly city in Brazil, with a project to create its own crypto.

Writing this article was essential to me, because like any concept, the words decentralization and community can have several meanings and serve many different purposes, so the question remains: what community are we building and what decentralization do we want?

The writing of an article brings the possibility of spreading knowledge, the Web 3 brings very specific programming knowledge that if not disseminated, may serve as an oppressive vector for society. I do not pursue here a complete answer to this question, but I indicate as an artist, educator, woman that I follow the path of a more diverse decentralization so that people of all ethnicities and classes have the chance to build their dreams.

Thank you Nomade for all your support!

All the best,


@David_NEAR; @cretivesdao


Fernanda, I loved the article, congrats, you rock! :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes:


Such a beautiful work, it’s an honor to be part of that! o/


It was a great pleasure to collaborate in this article. Thank you Fernanda for all inputs here!